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Sales Resistance in Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
A well written sales letter is used by Internet Marketers to sell you a product or service. Since there are always two sides to a coin, sales resistance needs to be part of your defense.

If you've been online for a while now, you will realize that internet marketers can sell very well. To make money on the internet, we need to prevent our buying impulse from overtaking our rational behavior, especially if purchasing a product you don't really need could put you in credit card debt. Another important skill is to be able to read between the lines and piece information together until a true overview of the picture is formed.

Cultivate a questioning mindset. If an Article Submitter claims it can submit your documents, build your links virally and create thousands of back links to your site, ascertain this fact for yourself. "Google" the product and cross reference information others are saying about the program to get a true overview. During your research, be aware that you may come across reviews written by affiliates who have never personally used the product and are simply following the sales letter as outlined by the Seller to promote it.

Be resistant to Sellers who offer money back guarantees. Although it is a good gesture, note that once your money has parted from you, you will at the mercy of the Seller. Sellers unwilling to issue a refund can make it difficult for you by responding slow, or require you to go through time consuming procedures. Slow responses only mean one thing. Unprofessionalism. Do pass your experience along by posting it in a relevant forum. This will help the next customer who sees your thread make an informed decision, plus you'll get a link pointing back to your website for your efforts. A genuine review by you also establishes your credibility and trust on the Internet, as you protect others from falling foul to your unfortunate experience.

Forums are a good place to gather feedback on an internet product. However, take everything you read with a pinch of salt. Read these 2 statements, "Perhaps this product's worth trying" as compared to "this product's worth trying". Feel the difference the lack of one word makes? The earlier is an unsure way of saying a product is good while the latter confirms that it is good. Assumptions become reality when communication is not passed on concisely. Secondly, forum feedbacks can sometimes provide a biased perception, especially when the early forum contributors support a particular brand, say for example, a certain brand of auto responder. Other forum contributors may not want to go against the momentum and give a different opinion in case it starts a riot. Thirdly, while comments provided by a varied group of forum contributors does have value, not everyone would have actually used multiple auto responders, and be in a position to give a true review. A true review of a product must tell the story on both sides of the coin. When it comes to 1st and 2nd place for the best auto responder, each will have its own pros and cons, and your choice will hinge on what your needs are.

It's good to follow the recommendations of an expert, however when possible, check to see if the expert is still using the product before making a purchase. For example, if an expert had promoted a certain ad tracker in the past using his testimonial, go to the expert's homepage and check if his URLs are being managed by this adtracker. Better tools are evolving all the time, and there is a chance the expert could have gone on to use a newer and better ad tracking product. You would want to spend your dollar on tomorrow's technology.

Always rely on yourself to find out the truth. Make a purchase only after research and careful thought on how a program/software/service can help you achieve your final objective.
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