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Your Personality Could Land You the Perfect Job

Sep 15, 2008
For example, an extrovert will find it easier and more comfortable to give presentations to a large number of employees, while an introvert may not be so comfortable in that role.

Employees are more productive in jobs that suit them. You cannot categorize personality as good or bad. However, certain jobs are best suited to specific individuals.


Introverts have shy personalities and find it difficult to mix in a crowd. At the same time, an introvert can be good at catching on quickly and performing well.

Introverts may be good at drafting presentations or speeches but delivering in front of the crowd can be difficult for them; their shyness will be an obstacle.


Extroverts can easily mingle with people and do not find it difficult to function in a crowd. They can be managers, where they need to converse with a number of people on a daily basis.

Logical, Practical, and Well Organized

If these are qualities that you possess, you may be very good in accounting, management, technical writing, computer programming, or even as an electrician. All these fields require logic, facts, and organization.

If you practice these qualities daily in your life, you will find it easy to survive in one of these fields and make the most of it.

Sensitive or Intuitive

Sensitive people can be good counselors and business advisors, as they can relate to others' pain and feelings easily and are hence able to counsel them well.

Sensitive people also make good nurses and teachers as these professions also need a caring approach. People with great intuition can also be good ministers.

Enthusiastic, Ambitious, and Candid

A talkative, easy-going person can find it easy to be on television or radio. These people find it easy to speak on anything and everything - and can be great entertainers.

Creative and Spontaneous

Someone who is creative and can come up with things spontaneously can do well in the advertising world, in photography or even as a graphic designer.

Creative people can also be good cooks, as they can explore new recipes.

Imaginative and Dramatic

These people can be good at writing scripts or fiction. They can also be good painters and musicians.

Nurturing and Progressive

These personalities can make good social workers and nurses. They derive great satisfaction in nurturing others and in making the world a better place.

Try taking a personality test to help you uncover any hidden skills, talents, and abilities that you might have. This may help reaffirm your career choice or help you change direction.
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