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Why Network Marketing Has A Natural Affinity with Internet Marketing

Sep 15, 2008
When you mention the words network marketing or multi level marketing, you can sometimes feel a shield of steel rise the moment you mention the phrase as it conjures up fear in people that they are about to be subjected to a prolonged half an hour of hard selling tactics, miracle cure vitamins and an offer to seek out a hotel conference room next Thursday at 8.00pm when all will become clear about the amazing opportunity that leads to financial freedom.

The funny thing about being part of the network marketing industry is that it has an image problem. It has a history of being full of pit-bull type salespeople who seem to have no fear of anyone or anything, let alone rejection, which is the number one fear for most people. Do not forget the leaders in this business spend hours simply being rejected just to count down the numbers to their known conversion rate of 2 or 3 yes replies from the 200 or more previous no responses.

Objection handling is an art-form and a necessary part of the sales process, but you have to question the sometimes over zealous tactics of the pit-bulls in the context of the well informed consumers of today. They can now research extensively about any company, some individuals if they choose, products and benefits all by themselves. If the consumer wishes to make a purchase, they usually will as a matter of their own free choice, and if they are looking for a business opportunity, they will use the same sort of research the Internet and media provides to find something that would suit their pockets, passions and goals. Personal recommendation is always still a number one priority, as is social proof; however in both cases these should be genuine and trustworthy.

Having discovered that by using the power of the Internet combined with a powerful network marketing business a new wave and refreshing change has swept through the industry with the increased use of WEB 2.0 marketing strategies in particular.

The real success in network marketing is in duplicating what the successful people in your business have done. By learning to duplicate their methods and strategies over a period of time you will receive the same successes. The major flaw in this theory is exposed when you begin to realise there is a massive 95% failure rate within most new people joining their businesses within the first few months. Quite clearly, based on those statistics you would conclude that the methods of duplicating the high levels of success of the leaders is either not fully explained or demonstrated clearly enough or is not actually duplicable at all.

Thankfully one or two of the new wave network marketing companies have made this problem their focus and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in fully duplicable marketing systems,videos and manuals, together with extensive audio and visual training calls on a daily basis in the best opportunities which means that anyone wishing to once again utter the phrase that they are in network marketing can do so by not only holding their head up high, but with added confidence that the training and support that they were promised is being delivered one hundred percent through the strong marketing system.

Whatever network marketing business you are in, put the emphasis on the word business and shout it out loud. The internet just levelled the playing field and the opportunity is wide open right now for anyone to use internet marketing to build their business, all you have to do is to start.
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Diane Cossie has decided to stop waiting for her ship to come in and decided to swim out to meet it. She has continues her passive income march to financial freedom with her primary business Carbon Copy Pro. For more information about the opportunity visit: http://www.dianecossie-carboncopypro.com
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