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Data Entry Work at Home: Right Equipment for Success?

Sep 15, 2008
Part of getting a data entry work at home job is having the right equipment. Sure, websites say they will set you up, but legitimate data entry companies like to work with those who already have the right equipment. Below are some services and equipment you should consider for your data entry work at home job.

1. Computer/laptop. Without a doubt you need your own computer and/or laptop. Your computer should be equipped with 2.66-GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 2800+ Processor, at least 256MB of Memory, a CD-RW or recordable DVD Drive, connectivity up front, and virus and spy ware protection.

2. Cell Phone. Some data entry work at home clerks rely heavily on their phones others only use it time to time. Regardless of how much time you spend on it, you need one.

Find out the coverage and service you need before you buy a cell phone. For example, if you travel frequently you should consider a multi-based GSM cell phone since this will let you send and receive calls using your existing cell phone, so dont need to purchase or rent a cell phone when traveling.

If you plan to use your cell phone for e-mail choose one with a large screen to ease eye strain. Be sure the service provider allows you to use POP e-mail accounts and e-mail accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

3. All-in-one. Because space is critical for many data entry work at home offices, opting for an all-in-one is a pratical solution. Data entry clerks do a lot of faxing which is also why all-in-ones are the best choice for your needs.

4. Toll free line or business line. Nothings worse then having your personal and professional call on the same line. It makes you feel very disorganized and unprofessional. Plus, majority of people dont want to advertise their personal home or cell phone number on their website or marketing material. To solve this consider a virtual phone system. GotVMail and RingCentral are popular choices among data entry work at home agents.

5. Whiteboard/Dry-Ease. A white board is a great organization tool. Some even come as half whiteboards/half corkboard. This little tool lets you create your to-do list, brainstorm, store reminders, and temporally record information.

6. Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine-editable text. This is how many libraries translate large printed material into digital works. As a data entry work at home agent this device is very handy. Instead of retyping a handwritten piece of material you simply feed it into the OCR and then edit the file using a word processor

Having the proper data entry work at home equipment will make you an attractive candidate to data entry companies.
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