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Successful Management of a Global Sourced IT Project

Sep 16, 2008
Projects sent to a global sourcing provider present a unique set of challenges for IT managers. There are some significant differences when it comes to managing a globally sourced IT project versus an in-house project. By taking preemptive measures, a manager can ensure the success of the IT project.

The first step that should be taken when managing an IT project is the creation of a plan. Even if a project lacks complication or is fairly small in size, the outsourcer and the vendor can greatly benefit when all of the project details and deadlines are specified. The project plan should incorporate the exact processes necessary for completing the project and the expectations associated with the work. An IT manager can create a great plan, but if it is not properly communicated, it will not do any good. Those involved in the project should be made aware of the plan and understand the project requirements that are outlined. Once the plan is finished, all of the employees that are involved in the project development should receive a copy. This plan should be furnished to in-house employees, as well as the vendor's employees.

Most IT projects have a pre-determined deadline. If a project is delayed, the outsourcer could lose valuable time and money. Before a project begins, deadlines and goals should be set and communicated to the vendor. Tasks should be broken down into steps with assigned dates to be completed. By establishing deadlines and creating goals, the vendor will be held accountable and the outsourcer can see the results more quickly. A problem can then be addressed as it arises.

Communication is an essential component in the success of an IT project. Global sourcing can complicate communication as there are many barriers between time zones and languages. Poor communication can lead to a project's failure. That is why managers must set regular review meetings with the vendor to track the progress of the project. Frequent communication will help reiterate the outsourcing company's expectations and will answer any questions regarding the project.

Sometimes IT managers will make the mistake of not being actively involved in the projects sent to vendors. Lack of involvement by an IT manager can be a leading cause of project failure. An IT manager must stay involved in overseeing a project, even when it is sent to a global sourcing provider.

Some of the other challenges that relate to global IT sourcing have to do with cultural barriers, geographical distance and security issues, which can all harm an IT project. However, if an IT manager is aware and addresses these potential risks, the chance of a successful project significantly increases.
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