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Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - Guarantees?

Sep 16, 2008
One of the best things you can do for your legitimate work at home job also happens to be the one thing that makes all business owners scared to death: offering a guarantee. Sure you want to let your customers know that they can trust you, but you dont want to run yourself into the ground doing so. Offering guarantees help legitimize work at home jobs.

Depending on the type of work at home job you operate you may be able to get away with a conditional guarantee. Now while conditional guarantees work best for a legitimate work at home job that provides a service such a class or consultation they can also be applied to product where there is a limited time for you to claim the guarantee.

Time limit: Were all accustomed to this type of guarantee since most businesses use it. If youre not satisfied you can return the item with a certain time period for a refund or exchange example: Return for full refund within 10 day of purchase. This is a good guarantee to offer if your selling an e-product such an ebook or DVDs. Time limit helps people stop sitting on the fence and make that move.

Repair or replacement only: This guarantee includes an assurance that the item will work, rather than a satisfaction guaranteed claim. In the event that the item does not work the guarantor will replace or repair the item. This guarantee works if you're selling hardware or software as your legitimate work at home job. If people know that your hardware of software doesnt work you will fix it or replace it.

Liability limit: Most businesses do not like this type of guarantee but it should be used especially in situations where the customer can claim secondary damages. In this case the guarantee takes the form of a liability limit. If you are running a legitimate work at home job where you are subject to copyright laws then a liability limit guarantee would be very beneficial.

Usage condition: For some products you may want to write the guarantee that states when used according to instructions or providing it has not be dropped or abused. This is often used for fragile items. But some people who operate a legitimate work at home job where they offer classes sometimes use this as well.

The law requires, for all conditional guarantees, that you label limitations precisely. Online, the guarantee must be in a location where the customer can read it. It can not be hidden or in extremely small font. Also, your guarantee has to be read therefore most people will put the guarantee directly under the sales page or on a separate page that the customer would see during the ordering process.

A conditional guarantee is a great way to establish yourself a legitimate work at home job without driving your business into the ground. You want to enhance your ability to sell your prospects on your legitimate work at home job without driving you crazy.
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