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Sep 16, 2008
The whole world communicates through the internet! It's where to get information, to make businesses and get to know people. This fact makes it so necessary to have some kind of an electronic address. This address is also known as domain and will represent your identity in the internet. From registering a domain you will be able to use e-mail, create a site, and to post blogs. You need to know some things about the internet if you want to be part of the virtual world. With the tips below you will be ready to become a bigger part of the internet.

1. "Sites" are the names given to internet pages, where the users can get information. All of the sites together make the World Wide Web, the web that www comes from. These sites have a pattern and are found using "addresses" called domains.

2. It is good to have a site because it is a way you can communicate with others users in their own homes and get them interested in your business or products. You need to have interesting information that will make the users want to visit your site and then make them your new clients. You can communicate with them get them familiar with different products from your business. You can also research what the other businesses are doing in the market to get ideas and solutions for yours.

3. A domain is used to do almost everything in the internet like creating a site, online stores, send and receive e-mails between others. It is a system to assigning address to computers and people that are connected to the internet.

4. To register a domain you need first to find a site like Dotster. Next look for a name that was not registered yet and through authorized distributers to register your domains .com and .net. The period of signature vary from one to 10 years.

5. The .com and .net are globally recognized use for many individuals and companies. It is easy and simple to register. It is also good because your company can reach much more people through the internet.

6. To start your site, the contents available need to be correctly stored in a server to connect you to the internet. Then anyone can access you site. You will need a web server that provides access to information over the World Wide Web. Be careful when choosing the hosting for your site to have a good performance. There are many hosting plans.

7. To choose a domain you to consider the following points to choose an easy name, one that you will easily remember. Always direct your marketing actions to the main domain. Make connections between the domain and your brand. Register other additional domains that direct to your main one.
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