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Part Time Work From Home

Sep 16, 2008
Part time work from home seems to offer the best of all worlds, as long as you are ok with a part- time income. Before you make a decision to take up this option, you must remember that for every story of someone who struck it rich, there are thousand of those, who don't. Yes, you can get a good income, but it would be foolhardy to have unrealistic dreams of earning more.

When we say part time work from home, we presume that that is all the income generating work you will be doing. If you have two or more part time jobs you do from home, you will presumably, be working full time, although at different jobs. So this first thing to consider is whether a part time job will offer you adequate income. If you are retired, a home maker not dependent on this income or a person of independent income, this is not an issue. However, if it is your livelihood, you need to think out the pros and cons.

Part time work from home gives you time for the other important facets of your life. It provides you a reasonable flexibility in your timings. It saves you the costs, stress and time of going to an office. The down side if that a part time job from home will not give you all the security and other benefits of a full time office job. If you are comfortable with this there is no reason not to find and start at the kind of part time work from home you want to do.

One thing you must define for yourself is what you mean by part time. Does it mean working only at a specific time of day? Or is it working for a fixed number of hours only. Or it could be working only certain days of the week or on weekends. Be clear in your mind as to what your times frames are and stick to them. When you start doing well and the income starts rolling in, there will always be a temptation to increase to amount of time you devote to the part time work. Before you let this happen, consider two things. Is this what you want to be working more than part time? And if yes, will adding quantity to the work you do have an adverse affect on the quality of your output?

The other issue is that of enjoying your work so much that you become totally absorbed in it and part time work from home becomes a full time obsession. Again, there is no harm in this, but take a moment to consider the other aspects of your life for which you will no longer have time. Why did you start out on the road of part time work from home?

So before you start on the path of part time work from home, do a bit if introspection and examine your motives and the rewards, pitfalls, limitations and opportunities doing part time work from home offers you. Think it out and then go ahead, if you feel it is for you.
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