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Being Compassionate at Work is Service

Sep 16, 2008
Its not about just wearing your landau scrub and immersing yourself at work. Quality service goes beyond doing the assigned tasks to you perfectly. It is more than the accolades you receive for perfection of your work. Service means being compassionate, feeling what your patients are feeling and understanding what they are going through. This may sound beyond your work description but for someone who values not only his work but patients as well, being compassionate means a lot to a patient and to the institution who swears to give service to the needy.

You've heard it before. Never get too attached to your patients or else you will be engulfed by your emotions. Your balanced mind would be clouded and you will be lost in your emotions. Sometimes, favoritism might be developed. And someone's demise and sorrow might be taken as your own. These are the fears that one is facing when working in an environment that is sensitive to one's feelings and emotions. When almost everyday, one's life could be taken because of sickness or accidents. Maybe some doctors and nurses shed off their emotions once they wore their landau medical scrub. Maybe this works for them, being able to separate their emotions from their professional work. Sometimes, this is good. You are being professional in everything you do.

But what does compassion really means? And why is it important? Compassion at work means understanding your patient. It means that the lost of a loved one or a threat to their health is really a big thing for them and must not be taken lightly. You were being looked up to by them to explain things patiently and clearly. Sometimes, they couldn't trust your judgment and they blame you for the misfortunes that befell them. Don't just walk out after giving them your speech. Service means being able to reach out to them even though they are pounding and blaming on you.

Treat your patients with respect whether or not they are rich or poor. Sometimes, some practitioners give more preference to those who can pay their rates. A true service means looking beyond the monetary benefits and looks at everyone with equal treatment. Be open and frank to your patient and patient's family in a way that they could well digest what you are saying. Give them what they deserve. Sometimes, even giving them more than what they expected.

You can't just give them free medicines and treatments but at least you make them feel that you are not merely doing your duty but you are sympathizing to them as well. You know that being in the hospital is the last place they want to be and that you are there to extend not only your help but your comfort as well. Don't be proud that you are there to give them prescriptions but be proud because you can help them in the best way you could. Lastly, never forget to help people whenever they are in need.
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