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How To Promote Your Network Marketing Business With An RSS Feed

Sep 16, 2008
Are you looking to promote your network marketing business by using an RSS feed on your blog? If you're looking to get repeat visitors to a blog or improve your network marketing strategies, it's time to get serious about RSS feeds.

An RSS feed is a web feed format that is used to frequently update online content, like blog entries, headlines, weather and breaking news in a universally acceptable format. The letters stand for "Really Simple Syndication," "Rich Site Summary" or "RDF Site Summary," depending on who you ask.

RSS feeds make it easy to distribute time-sensitive material to a large number of people. RSS feeds are written in computer code that organizes the information in a way that it is easy to read for the general public.

It is often tedious for the general public to constantly check back on a webpage for new updates. If you allow your visitors to sign up for an RSS feed, they will be notified almost automatically of any changes and updates you make to the content of your website. So, when you post a new blog, add a public speaking engagement to your calendar, offer a new product or make any other change to your web content, an RSS feed will let your client base know about it.

E-mail notifications about updated content were the way to go a few years ago. However, now that e-mail spam filters are working overtime to protect people from unwanted e-mails, it is difficult to get e-mails across to people about your website updates.

RSS feeds are welcomed by your website viewers, and they make it much easier to get your updates spread across the Internet. As an added benefit, an RSS feed will increase web traffic to your site.

So, how does an RSS feed work? When you add a new item to your web page, you need to list it on your RSS channel as an "item." The item will need to be listed with three bits of information: its title, a description and a link to the item. For instance, if you have a new concert date to brag about, list the item on your channel with the title of "New Concert Date Announced!" and a description of the time, date, place and cover charge of the show. Then, link it to your web-based calendar, and you are all set.

Once the RSS file is completed, be sure to validate it to make sure you entered it properly. Using a Feed Validator service, type in the address to your RSS file and make sure everything looks good. If there is a problem with the code or information in your RSS feed, simply change the item until it looks the way you want it to.

Now, you can syndicate news about yourself or your business and drive traffic to your website in a fast and easy manner. Any time of the day or night, you can update your loyal customers and fans with news and information all around the globe. RSS feeds are a great way to keep your audience informed.
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