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Sep 16, 2008
What is Attraction Marketing?

Before you can fully appreciate attraction marketing, let's entertain the alternative.

Most Network Marketing companies encourage new distributors to offer the plan to everyone in within arm's length. If you've been involved in network marketing, you have made the god-awful "who do you know who used to like you but will now avoid your calls" list.

Honestly, 99.9% of these people don't want to hear about your plan. You are wasting your time and theirs telling them how great it is and why they want it. Trust that if they are interested in something you offer, you'll be the very first to know.

Alienating your family and friends is not how to find prospects. Bank tellers and waitresses don't necessarily hate their job. Just because you love your job, and you proudly sport the buttons to prove it, doesn't mean that everyone else will too.

It isn't necessary to convince people that they should want what you offer. In most cases, that is sure to send them running in the opposite direction. Sometimes no means NO!

This tactic alone repels most people from the network marketing industry altogether. People don't want to be harassed, and they certainly wouldn't ever think of signing on to harass others. Stopping your aunt in the grocery store would be like a telemarketer calling and trying to recruit you ...during dinner!

Training calls is nothing more than the company's way to keep you motivated in offering the plan to others. They lure you with promises of big numbers containing lots of commas, and insist that the only way you'll get those big pay checks is to show the plan, and show the plan and show the plan. They'll tell you what you want to hear - it will benefit YOU.

This benefits them alone. Of course they want everyone to know about their company, and why spend thousands of dollars on advertising like most companies when they get you and hundreds of people like you to do it for FREE!!!

Are you getting the feeling you're being used?

So, what is it then? What's the secret that's sending some people to the top sales list, while you and 98% of the rest of the company sit in your seat, meeting after meeting and smile and clap as they receive their awards?

Of course you're happy for your teammates, but what you and everyone else are really thinking is "What am I doing wrong?" and "When's it going to be me?" You decide to work twice as hard so next month they'll be clapping for you. Next month you'll show the plan to 5 people each week. Now the hunt is on. Everyone is prey, I mean prospect.

Stop!!!! Here's an idea. What if you only showed the plan to people who asked about it?

Attraction Marketing! People will come to you and ask to see the plan. Can you imagine recruiting 99% of prospects? That's the difference!

Attraction Marketing offers solutions to people's problems. It turns obstacles into opportunities. Instead of flooding facts and dollar amounts to your prospects, simplify their predicaments. Most importantly, if they don't ask, don't tell!

How will people find you?

When you need a loaf of bread, you go to the grocery store. Not because they offer "fastest clerk awards", or because they give each worker a red vest and a button that says "I live to bag groceries" In fact if you walked in and someone greeted you at the door with a winded speech describing all of the wonderful products that they offer and how you could get a discount and a red vest if you worked there, you would probably walk out on the spot and never shop there again!

You went there for bread. Did they have the bread you wanted? You had a problem, and they had the solution.

Stop offering your plan and start offering their solution!!! Give people what they want, and if you listen, you will hear what they want. If you listen, you will hear that your sister hates waking up early and driving an hour to work. If only there was an alternative...

They're looking for solutions. Offer that and only that.
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