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Initial Thing You Must Start With Redesigning Your Website

Travis Olague, Sr.
Sep 16, 2008
Do you know what the common mistake of 99% businesses is? They even do not take it into consideration when start to develop a new website or redesign it. This very thing means ranking or site position in the search engines. The point is that a site can occupy top position as well as it can not be ranked at all.

Before we begin to discuss this topic, I would like to let you know about my background, experience and knowledge. I have worked four years for a technology corporation. To tell you the truth the job I got after graduation the college was really right out of my obtained profession. My task was to call companies that had not good websites, better to say they had bad ones. But the interesting is coming, for the last three years I have been working for the well-known companies (I will not name them respecting rights of advertising) but they are realizing a truly successful and prosperous SEO support. I have been navigating all day long at online catalogues and website directories looking through each category, investigating every possible site having bad web presentation. If you have been dealing with such sort of work then you know how awful some days might be. Do you know what I have seen? I have seen such an amount of bad and dull mistakes on the websites! You know I have realized that I feel obliged to tell them how my company can help to solve these issues.

One of the most widespread things that I observed sailing unlimited internet space was a 404 error. I find this fact a really interesting one. Why? More often than not the directory is linked to an old web page of a site. Classically, this is an internal registered before indexed page of the site not the home page. Some of you now understand what I mean by this and where I am driving at. This is a technique of those old links to point to your new website. They could disappear or be reason of not working link you got from another site. You can achieve a good effect by using a 301 redirect. This system does really work very effectively, it redirects from the old pages to the new ones. Also it is very useful as it assists to conceal the links of your opponents spying incoming links to your website. Every incoming link is a very important and precious thing for your website position in search engines. Now you see that you have to pay a special attention to this conception, otherwise you have a chance of being sunk in deep waters of search results. As you know, being already listed far than the first two-three pages in search results means zero for the search traffic. Even if you get a visitor, this is just an occasional user that goes deep in search due to the fact that he is searching for something very particular that he has not found on the first pages. Though, this happens fairly seldom. Typically users would try once more but with a different search keyword and expression.

So, the conclusion that is coming is the following. Every time you plan to change your website look and feel, obligatory use a 301 redirect for each old page you substitute with a new one. This helps you to avoid from losing your visitors, going backwards in your promotion efforts as well as diving your site in internet sand.
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