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Increase Sales and Slash Costs by Outsourcing SEM Staff

Sep 16, 2008
This internet is a huge industry with US$9.4 billion being spent on search engine marketing in 2006 in North America alone. Do you think this figure has increased or decreased since 2006? Does anybody actually go to your site? Do you want to increase your traffic and sales?

The internet has created a global shopping centre. In fact if you want something you simply Google it and you can have access to it. But this is a very competitive industry. To put your business at the top you need to employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) staff. Offshore SEM staffs are experts in the field of search engine optimisation by natural means as well as paying for advertisement. Without study or knowledge of SEM strategies you are best off outsourcing this component of your business as done incorrectly can cost you thousands of dollars with very little result. Outsourcing offshore SEM staff gives your business access to qualified and experienced people at a price small and medium businesses can afford.

The most common form of search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of pay per click (PPC) advertising. Basically you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. To advertise on search engines using PPC can be very time consuming and expensive. There are a number of factors which determine the PPC price including the keywords and relevance to your site as well as the fee you are prepared to pay. As you can imagine everyone wants to be at the top of search engines. As there is only a few spots at the top of search engines people are prepared to pay high fees. Some of these can be upwards of $11 per click. This is pretty dear for one click. Imagine 10 clicks or 20 clicks per day and no sales. Without the use of SEM staff this could become a very expensive advertising campaign. Outsourcing SEM staff will save you money on advertising as well as the time you need to spend to maximize your advertising dollar.

There are two main ways to use PPC search engine marketing. One is through Search Engines such as Google. For example someone types in "offshore SEM staff". The top couple of responses (called sponsored links with pink background) and the advertisements down the side are all PPC advertising. So search engine marketers have bid to be on that page hoping you will click and they will get a sale. It is a fine balance between bidding high and ensuring you get sales. Offshore SEM staff can get you higher spots with lower fees using strategies such as less paying keywords such as "EMPLOYING offshore SEM Staff". This word may cost less and will probably generate better sales.

There are thousands of English words and combination of words. How many are there for your business or company which describe your products or services? Now reflect on how all these words can be spelled incorrectly. There are literally thousands of combinations and you have probably only thought of 2%. How long would it take for you to come up with all the different keyword combinations. Your SEM staff can do all this whilst saving you time and money.

The other form of SEM is PPC on particular sites. So you can have your advertisement on sites with keywords related to your industry. It is best to be particular with this but again it is time consuming and high quality offshore SEM staff can do this for you. This will also save you money because you are not bidding on places that are somewhat irrelevant to your service.

Many people describe SEM as an exact science. This is only the beginning of the complexities of SEM. Any internet based business needs traffic. Without traffic to your site you will not make sales. For many people SEM is unsuitable for a number of reasons including time or a lack of interest. Offshore SEM staff are able to take care of all your search engine marketing needs saving you time and money in the long run. This frees up your time to develop and grow your business.
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