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Is MLM Network Marketing Better Than Home Based Business Opportunities?

Sep 16, 2008
The MLM Network Marketing opportunities and the home based business opportunities have been around for decades. They both have stories of failure and stories of success, and some with major success. So, which is better? In this article, I will attempt to answer which is better - MLM Network Marketing opportunities or home business opportunities.

As you read this article, you will discover:
* Fundamentals Of MLM Network Marketing Opportunities
* Fundamentals Of Home Based Business Opportunities
* How To Find Which Option Is Best For You
* Points To Think About

* Fundamentals Of MLM Network Marketing Opportunities
There is a big difference between MLM and other home based business opportunities. The biggest difference is how they operate. For example, a home business may have a product which you need to make or you have to market or do both.

In a MLM Network Marketing opportunity, you will predominantly be involved in marketing - hence the name Multilevel Marketing. The Multilevel part is what makes Network Marketing opportunities so unique.

Instead of simply earning money through your own efforts, you also have the added advantage of selling the opportunity. The result is that anyone who joins your "leg" and sells products earns you money. So this becomes a great residual income. And some network marketers are at a stage where they don't have to work, because others bring in enough commissions.

* Fundamentals Of Home Based Business Opportunities
Home based business opportunities are great for many reasons. The home based business opportunities are home business ideas that people have had, made a business out of, and are now making it available to others as a out of the box type business.

You create a product or sell a product. You get a system to run the business, which is great for people new to business.

* How To Find Which Option Is Best For You
Starting a business is not easy; there are a lot of tasks that need to be completed. What is more, if it is your first business, then you will want as much help as you can get. Books do a great job and so do formal business courses for entrepreneurs, but there is nothing like the practical training you can get in home business opportunities.

Your choice will come down to your goals, and expectations. MLM seems to work better with people who know a lot of people and or are willing to "get out there" so to speak.

* Points To Think About
Starting a home business can be an arduous process. If it is your first time in business, then consider the home business opportunities. These opportunities don't need a lot of investment, and can produce good results. However, in all cases, remember that business takes time to be successful.
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