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Advertising and Branding Strategies That Work

Aug 17, 2007
If you are doing any form of cold calling or door to door canvassing you are probably spinning your wheels.

A recent survey of buyers discovered that

- 91 percent of buyers never respond to an unsolicited inquiry
- 71 percent of buyers find cold calls annoying
- 88 percent of buyers will have nothing to do with cold calls

The key in today's marketplace more than ever is to get people to contact you. Although this is not anything new ths survey suggests that to do anything less than marketing with the purpose of branding your name is a waste of time.

Your success begins by taking a fresh look at what you are offering to your prospects. Why might someone need your what you have to offer? Who needs your product ? How can you differentiate yourself?

When you can answer these questions you are establishing your target market. Take a close look at who is your perfect prospect. Who are they? What do they act like? Why is this the type of prospect you want? Doing this allows you to come up with a profile on the perfect customer for your business.

Once you have determined who they are next you want to answer the question of how you can be the business they seek out to solve their needs.

Your goal is to market yourself to your target market as the one that has the solution to their problem whatever that may be. On the internet your target market is referred to these days as a niche market. This phrase is now finding it's way into offline marketing as well.

Branding yourself as the leader in your niche is your goal when it comes to advertising and marketing. To do this you have to become involved in your prospects world. Be a part of the community. Get out and be seen anyway you can think of. Speak at luncheons, take a booth at a trade show, hand out business cards everywhere you go, advertise in local papers, put out flyers, etc.

Another powerful strategy is to do article marketing. Writing articles both online and offline is a way you can use information to build yourself as the expert in your field. Submitting them online to article directories is a form of viral marketing that can pay off for years to come. Submitting them to newspapers and trade publications is proven way to increase your exposure offline.

As you can see you have to work at becoming a known business in your niche market. But if done correctly and consistently over a period of time anyone can do it regardless of how new or how old their business is.
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