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Tips for Fundraising Success

Sep 16, 2008
Fundraising is an activity that is simultaneously profitable and charitable. Usually, fundraising activities advance a social or political agenda.

Most fundraising activities are established by nonprofit organizations. This is due to the fact that nonprofit organizations usually don't exist for profit like other types of organizations. Therefore, in order to increase their funds, they choose fundraising.

Unfortunately, fundraising is not an effortless task. If an organization wants or needs to raise funds for their campaigns, they should consider these important factors in creating a fund raising success story:

1. Know your purpose and mission

When brainstorming for fund raising activities, it is imperative for an organization to unmistakably establish and set their goals. Before anything else, the primary function of the fund raising activity should be clear to all involved.

Second, the organization should set a financial goal that is a concrete and definitive set amount. This knowledge this will assist in the brainstorming of fund raising ideas.

Knowledge of your organization's goals will act as parameters for your fund raiser.

2. Implement a structured and specific plan

Never embark on your fund raising mission without a stable plan. Hesitation in decision making is not suitable.

Before commencing your organization's fund raising function, you should have determined and defined the end goals, the time span of the occasion, the venue, who will be participating, etc. The activity needs to be completely organized weeks in advance of fund raising event.
Of course, there is no promise that your fund raising event will reach it's goal. However, it is helpful when your organization knows what needs to be done and what the deadlines are. Without these things your organization is certain not to achieve it's goals.

3. Select appropriate merchandise

Fundraising events don't always request money without featuring some sort of product. Sponsors also need to receive some sort of benefit from their contributions or gifts.

Raising funds is generally much simpler if you have a product is included as part of the event. One of the best things about using a product in fund raising is that it can be much easier to solicit different companies, groups, etc. because you have products that are likely to be priced lower than those being sold in the marketplace. Therefore, people will be inclined to buy more than what they originally intended to buy, especially since they are aware that what they purchase aids you in your cause.

By following these tips you can will most certainly have a successful fund raising activity.
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