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How to Rank High in Google Quickly For Your Desired Keywords

Sep 16, 2008
Like anybody involved in internet marketing and web sites development I also like to rank high in Google search results for the keywords I consider useful after I have done some keywords research.

And like anybody else I know it isn't that easy to reach this target. Google is the most important search engine of the internet, and the biggest source of traffic existing at the moment. The competition to get good results in the Google search engine is the higher existing too.

So to get these high rankings quickly we need to know, and to do, what Google likes and considers good.

One of the best possible ways is to use the big sites that Google likes a lot and indexes high for all the keywords and add there links to your own web site.

An example is Squidoo, that allows you to create your own pages about the topic you like. Squidoo often ranks high in Google search results for competitive keywords, so you can create your pages on Squidoo, that are called "lenses", related to your desired keywords, targeting these keywords in the name and URL of the lens, in the text content you add to it, and in the link back to your own web site.

Google also likes a lot the big social networks web sites, like MySpace as example, and having links with your desired keywords to your own web site posted in MySpace can also help a lot your site to get indexed fast by Google and to get higher rankings for your keywords.

Squidoo and MySpace are just two examples of sites that Google loves and that can let you easily add links to your site. It is also important to notice that these sites are very good for anybody that wants to have links from big sites to their new sites because both of them have content about any possible topic, they are very generic sites and have pages about anything you can imagine.

I will show you other good sites, but before I want to give you another good tip that can make the difference.

Having the keywords you are targeting in your domain name can help a lot. If the main domain name composed only by the keywords is not available than you can select a variation of it, perhaps adding another word that gives anyway a meaning to the domain.

Now let's see some other good sites you can use to rank higher on Google for your desired keywords.

Two possibilities are inside Google itself, or better said inside the Google network. But they could require more work to be successful.

I refer to Blogger and to Youtube, they are both free Google services.

Blogger allows you to create free blogs, and again you can select any topic you like without problem and Google loves blogs. The problem is that a blog must be continually updated to get and keep good rankings in search engines and Google in particular, so this will require more work than a Squidoo lens or a post on a social network.

Youtube also is loved both by Google and internet surfers, but you will need to be able to create a video to use it, than you can add the link inside the video itself to promote your web site to the viewers of the video, and in the description, to be crawled by Google and the other search engines.

The ones above are only some of the big, good sites that can help you a lot to get high rankings quickly for your desired keywords in Google, but there are many others you can find making some researches in Google.
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