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Why You Shouldn't Hire Cheap Writers For Your Websites

Sep 16, 2008
Maintaining a content-heavy website is a daunting task for one person, especially if you're running a website that requires a constant stream of written material. If you're running a blog on a specific field or topic and your audience expects daily updates of one article, you can probably go on without hiring other writers if you manage your time well.

Why Hire A Writer?

Outsourcing your content to freelance writers becomes feasible at a certain point. If you're operating a website with several areas of interest, or if you're running several websites on various topics, the task of writing enough content might be more than one person can handle. If your target audience looks for daily updates, then the pressure to post new content becomes even more urgent. If your website's content becomes too stale for your audience, then they stop browsing through it. Less interest means less traffic, and less traffic means less profits from your ad space or click-throughs.

Caveat Emptor

Hiring writers means your website's overhead costs increase. If you're on a tight budget, then your first instinct will be to look for writers who will offer the lowest rate. But as the saying goes, there's a reason why it's on sale.
Writers obtained at a cheap rate usually produce content of very poor quality. Cheap writers will usually write several 500-1000 word articles very quickly without considering quality. They'll probably be working on several other projects to maximize profits. Their articles will be poorly researched, have a lot of fluff content, rate poorly with SEO engines, or worse, might mostly be plagiarized.

More Disadvantages Than Advantages

You might think that the fast turnaround time offsets the poorer quality of content. It might end up costing you more than getting a more expensive but talented writer at the onset. The time spent having to read through the content and checking for plagiarism will have a time cost. If you've hired editors, having them go through suspect or poor material for editing and proofreading will cost you money as well as time.

With very poor material from cheap writers, you will sometimes decide to ditch an article and get a replacement writer. Even if you don't pay the cheap writer, the time that you lose looking for a reliable writer plus the higher rate you have to pay compounds your losses from the turnaround time and the attempts to check or edit the poor material.

Quality Comes at a Price

With reliable writers, you spend less time editing and proofreading, and you usually get prompt turnaround times. Although you have to pay a slightly higher rate for such talent, the profitability of your websites will offset the expense. New, interesting, and reliable content on your frequently updated websites will retain your fan base, help drive new traffic to your websites, and, hopefully, increase profits from your sponsors or from your own marketing.

Again, think twice before getting writers who offer cheap rates for web content. You maybe paying for moree than you bargained for.
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