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Why Article Marketing Is So Powerful

Sep 16, 2008
You are going to use article marketing because it is powerful and it's free. There is not a more cost effective way of driving traffic to your website than article marketing.

The great thing is it doesn't matter what your product or service is. Article marketing works for all of them. It doesn't matter if it's digital, non digital or a service, it works for them all!

If you are just starting out in this industry, free marketing is the way to go. It's not actually free because you have to invest your time. However, your time is probably the largest asset you have.

Search engine ranking will make or break your business. Search engines, not just Google but all of them, are now putting a premium on back links. Back links are other websites that link to your site. Reciprocal, or two way links, are not as valuable. As a matter of fact, Google algorithms currently put the most value on quality one way back links.

Who is linked to your site? The more links you have, the more important your site looks. Article marketing gives you those back links.

On site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is ranked very low. Current testing has on site SEO running about 10 % of the overall ranking importance. So you can see it's very important to have high quality back links. Today back links are how your business is built, and your SPR. (Search Page Rank)

Let's look at PPC. (Pay Per Click) This will really show you the value of article marketing. There is a program called Adwords by Google. Yahoo has search marketing and MSN uses the term PPC advertising. They are all basically the same thing. You find keywords that people will use to search for products or services that are similar to yours and you purchase the keywords. When someone types in a search parameter or phrase looking for a natural search, your ad will appear near the top of the page. You only pay for the exposure if the person searching clicks on your ad

Sounds good, only pay if you get a click and traffic. Well a PPC campaign can work great and many internet marketing businesses use it successfully. It will bring you instant traffic and if you're in a high search niche, lots of it.

BUT, there are enormous problems.

Seasoned or veteran internet marketers use paid marketing with success. They know how to constantly test and retest. You would have to determine your ROI very accurately. Accuracy is very important because Google adwords or any PPC can be very expensive.
You have to know your conversion rate or you will go broke! In addition you have no back links.

Article marketing is called organic marketing and it doesn't have to cost you anything. Organic marketing is typically free. Article marketing is free.
You can write an article and submit it to 100 directories. Bang... you have 100 back links. Now if some of those directories have an RSS, (Real Simple Syndication), your article could go out to hundreds more sites.

So.... what would happen to your traffic if you wrote 100 articles? Some of the very successful internet marketers can have between 1,000 and 5,000 articles marketing for them every day. You can actually build your business with just article marketing.

Another great reason to start article marketing is articles will drive traffic to your website for years to come. Once the article is out there, it is out there. You will continue to get traffic from the article. You will be building residual income long after you stop writing the articles.

Of course you are going to want to use every marketing strategy and tool that you can. We will show many more strategies in our marketing eBooks.

Right now you should just concentrate on article marketing. We hope you are convinced of the benefits and how it adds profitability to your business. Master the art of article marketing and devote time to it each day. The long term results will be remarkable.
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Jim Janowiak is a internet marketing business coach working with the Best Internet Business Builder. Check out the best article marketing guide.
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