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How to Use the Myspace Comment Box to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Sep 16, 2008
MySpace is one of the biggest and most influential social networking website on the internet. MySpace has over 100 million users, many of whom have MySpace websites. And therein lies one of the most overlooked marketing tools available; the MySpace comment box.

The humble MySpace comment box presents various opportunities for increasing a website's traffic. By using the comment box to publicize you website, you increase product awareness while encouraging product trial. All this can be achieved by simply including your website's link in the comment you post.

Your website's address can be covertly or overtly added to your comment. To covertly add a link to your comment, you simply need to use a simple html code. For example, if I wanted the term "Social Traffic Explosion" to contain a link to http://www.socialtraffic.info/, the code I would use would look like this:

Come to Social Traffic Explosion!

Now the phrase "Social Traffic Explosion" contains a link to my website. This is a natural, contextual way of creating an 'in-comment' link. However, it should be noted that most MySpace webmasters filter for comments that may be constituted as spam, therefore you should try to be as discrete as possible.

Some MySpace webpages also ban the usage of html, effectively rendering this technique obsolete. When this happens, you can discretely promote your website. When it is not possible to provide an in-text link to your website, you should simply mention your website's name. This encourages brand awareness among readers.

This subtle technique is especially powerful when you have a product or service that caters to a highly specialized niche of consumers. By crafting a highly targeted message at a group of receptive consumers, we can produce a heavily synergized and powerful consumer experience.

By advertising in the comment box, you also produce back links to your website. These back links will last indefinitely if they can survive webmaster moderation. This opens an avenue for traffic generation that can last indefinitely.

By commenting on the organic community landscape that is MySpace, you also portray your website in a personable and accessible manner. This is crucial for small businesses. Small business need to be nimble and responsive to the needs of consumers in order to remain competitive and relevant. Commenting in a MySpace comment box allows you to craft specialized messages that are tailored for that particular audience.

If you receive responses to your comments, then you know you have succeeded in generating some product awareness. Following up on those comments can also help you in connecting with consumers.

A MySpace comment box seems like an innocent communications device of the new millennium. However, it could be the crack in the dam that develops into a torrent of traffic that rushes into your website. In the new media landscape, it has become increasing difficult to connect to consumers. This problem will only become more exacerbated as more consumers start 'cocooning' in their homes. If you want to learn more about social network marketing, you should invest some time and money in quality information that can make your website traffic explode.
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