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3 Moms Work at Home Opportunities You Must Try

Sep 16, 2008
Are you bored at home? Having kids is not easy, and taking care of them is a 24 hour commitment. Raising children is a difficult challenge. I know because I a mischievous gang of children who love to run around the house and create all sorts of messes. Raising children is one of the most important jobs you'll ever have to undertake. My spouse and I have agreed that one of us should stay home and look after the kids full-time. But this has reduced our household's combined income.

Most stay at home parents will have several free hours each day. Instead of wasting these hours watching soap operas, these parents could be making money from the comfort of their homes. When my spouse and I were facing financial hardships, a close friend of ours recommended an online job he was doing.

What did we have to lose?

Absolutely nothing. Truth be told, there are so many ways bored and troubled moms that can make money from home doing work on the internet. Within a few weeks I was seated in front of the computer and like magic the money started rolling in. I'm not saying I am a millionaire, but what I will say is this, the extra money I am making completely covers the cost of raising three kids.

Imagine that.

Now since there are many ways moms can make some money online, I'll give you girls the 4 moms work at home opportunities you must try.

Opportunity No. 1 Cooking

The first job you can consider doing is cooking. This is something we do every day and each of us has some secret recipe that makes our loved-ones swoon. And now is the time when you can make some good money of it. There are websites which allow you to hold online cooking classes and sell your recipes to the highest bidder. Depending on how creative (and delicious) your culinary creations are, websites and online cooking shows will pay up to $120 an hour for you to showcase your kitchen skills. This is a must-try for those of you who love to cook, and don't mind sharing your beloved recipes with the world!

Opportunity No.2 Online Focus Groups

If cooking isn't your thing, then maybe giving opinions is. Online focus groups, product review groups and even doing a movie review can get you paid quite well. From $25 to over $100 an hour, many companies are paying good money for household opinions. You can even make money simply by watching a movie and giving your two cents about the plot, or how terrible the lead actor was. It doesn't matter what your opinion is, as long as it's honest.

Opportunity No. 3 Data Entry

Lastly, data entry and concierge services are one of the best ways moms can make money. Companies are paying up to $50 an hour for moms at home for data entry work. These companies have tons of data that needs to be input into their computer systems, and they would gladly pay good money for speedy and reliable service providers. This is something you should definitely look into if you have a knack for quick typing.

Try these "3 Moms Work at Home Opportunities" and join the work-from-home revolution today!
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