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Bay Watch and Tornado Watch

Sep 16, 2008
Bay Watch and movies with tornado watch are some media that people love to watch may it be on TV or over the Internet. First, Bay Watch is a really old American television series. It's probably started showing some twenty or thirty years ago. But then again if you're the type of person who finds entertainment in either watching really old television shows or is a fan of summer drama romance situated in beaches and the summer setting then you might want to try watching this just so you can have an idea of what people older than you who liked the same stuff watched back in their days. It'll probably be interesting for you and you might even actually enjoy watching the old episodes.

Bay Watch is set in the somewhat urban beach side setting where you find teenagers who live in a city where surfing, volleyball and getting a tan are the in thing. The episodes revolve around this sort of environment so much you'd thing that it's summer for them the whole year round. More importantly, the plots of the episodes revolve around the lives of specific persons involved in the beach setting where one of them is a life guard while others are teenagers and surfers, where they live catching the waves and playing volleyball and get lots of drama and romance in between.

It's really an old series so you can't expect them to be anything like the stuff people in this innovated multimedia age are watching. But still if you ever want to peek into the episodes you can do so by logging in to the internet and just view them on streaming.

On the contrary, there are so many movies that actually include a tornado watch in them. This is because among the many human interest in the audience base, the use of natural calamities as one of the prime and important elements in a plot of a movie is actually one of the most creative things to do in the movie industry. This sort of innovative idea includes stuff like typhoons, tidal waves, fires and even tornados. Part of the reason why people thing it's such an attractive element in a plot is because they are a good depiction of an element of movie where there is conflict between man and nature.

Another reason why audiences who find movies where producers put in a tornado watch them is the fact that such types of natural calamities are actually intriguing to the human mind. By being able to present a creative person's understanding of what this kind of phenomenon is, people get an idea of what it might really be. The contemplation or idea presented about the nature of, say in this case, tornados may not be true in every movie where it can be found but they usually almost open up opportunities for discourse as well as being a step closer to knowledge about it.

Anyway you can watch movies about tornados or any other natural calamities on the internet. Some of them may be fiction such as movies while others are the kinds that aim to directly educate and inform such as news video clips of documentaries.
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