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7 Reasons To Start Your Home Based Business

Aug 17, 2007
We all are striving to attain our sense of freedom but so long as we are dependent on someone else determining our paycheck then how can that possibly be true freedom. The growing trend of people looking for a way out of the rat race is growing as more and more people become disillusioned with the nine to five struggle.

If you are contemplating starting your own business and freeing yourself from your job then a safe option would be to start a home based business and here are the reasons why.

1. You don't have to quit your job right away. By starting your home based business it can be something that you do part time so that you can keep your day job. That way you can still have a steady income which will help you keep your commitments to your family and mortgage. You can work on your home based business in your free time until such time that you are comfortable that it is going to work and want to extend the commitment full time.

2. Low overheads and startup costs. Home based businesses are great for someone who wants to go into business but doesn't have or want to invest heavily in start up costs. They say you often learn the most in your first business venture so why not start small so that your mistakes don't cost you a whole heap of money. Home based businesses means you won't need to be locked into long leases, having to maintain a shop front and other costs associated with keeping a physical store going. With the advent of the Internet you might never need a physical shop front any way.

3. The Internet can set you free. Because you are a home based business you need to find a way to reach your target market. The Internet has made this possible and inexpensively to boot. You can set up a shop front from your kitchen table to wherever you like at home and potentially reach a global audience in short order. Many global companies started out in someone's basement or garage so think big by starting it on a small scale.

4. You can avoid the daily commute. The most annoying thing about working for someone has got to be the daily commute. You get up early in the morning only to be stuck in daily peak hour rush. However working from home affords one of the greatest luxuries and that is eliminating this life draining routine of joining the peak hour commute. You can simply wake up in the morning and make your way to your home office or work area and get started work within minutes. If you don't want to you can even skip getting dressed into work clothes and just wear something comfortable as no one is going to see you anyway.

5. Create a better work life balance. The greatest regret many people have at the end of their working lives is not having spent more time with their families. With many workplaces advocating longer hours, it is little wonder that many people just don't have time to spend quality time with those that they love the most. I mean you don't often hear someone sitting on their death bed say "I wish I had spend more time at the office". So having a home based business gives you an opportunity to prioritise what is most important in your life since you are the boss after all. If you want to be there to take the kids to school in the morning then start work a little later. Work your schedule around your family.

6. It's tax deductible. Having a home based business enables you to also make tax deductions for the portions utilized for business purposes. The government wants to encourage entrepreneurs so they offer incentives like tax deductions to encourage your business enterprise. Consult your accountant for tax advice and see if you can make use of your government in helping out with your household expenses.

7. You are the boss. Everyone wants to have a sense of control over their lives. One of the most frustrating things you can encounter in a workplace is when you have a boss that doesn't have a clue what they are doing and you are left wondering how they managed to get that position in the first place. Well if you think you have the potential to be a leader then this is your chance to show the world what you can do. You at least have control over you destiny because if you don't perform you don't get paid but the rewards on the upside are enormous because if you do your job well you will also be rewarded.
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