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A Review of the Market America Income Opportunity

Sep 16, 2008
James Ridinger founded market America in 1992, in Greesnboro, SC. James had been involved with Amway previous to this. Market America specializes in selling Internet Marketing and brokerage products, as well as health, beauty and nutrition products, of course. James Ridinger was later found to be fraudulent in setting up stock for Market America and selling it to distributors. You can find this information at the SEC Website. Where you will see that there was a bit of wrong doing and taking a bit of advantage of the distributors at the time.

When I go to their main website, I am not sure what kind of marketing system it is. It appears that distributors are able to obtain their own identical website with their name at the end after the ".com". They market it as a "One-to-One Marketing concept, combining the Internet with the Power of People. I then looked up their Partner Program Contact to see what it was all about.

From what I am able to observe, a distributor purchases an Affiliate Partner Program and the focus is toward the distributor buying from their own website. They encourage that it will be cost effective to shop from you and therefore have the savings and the convenience. This again, does not really focus on a product as much as it does the distributor putting money back into the program and therefore benefiting their uplines revenue.

There is nothing on the website that give any information on how much it will cost to join the program, only and email address to write to. This is taken from the website itself on the Partner With Us page; "For our Distributors, shopping at http://marketamerica.com is more than just convenient-- it's cost-effective. Market America provides incentives and rewards to our Distributors to shop on our Web Portals, increasing the likelihood they will frequent your online store."

As in all these structures, the income of the distributors at the top and to the corporations that sponsor them, come from the new "investors" at the bottom. Less than 1% of sales are made in these types of structures like Market America. Most of the sales are made through the new distributors who are hoping to "invest" in their new business that will one day make them millions.

The person coming into Market America will have high hopes and dreams that he will have this wonderful website, he imagines thousands of customers coming to his site to buy every product available. Well, what he doesn't know is that the company is not so concerned if he sells anything or not, or whether he even makes any money. But they will tell him that he will gain his fortune by "helping others" make money by doing the same thing he has done. If only he can get 5 distributors to come aboard, then he will be making X amount of dollars and it will continue to grow.

This is the same old story and same method that has been used for generations now, just a different package. This just makes the rich at the top get richer and the bottom stay at the bottom.
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You can read our Unbiased, expert review of the Market America from Brian Garvin and Jeff West at MLM Review Kings. This article may be used royalty free provided bio & links remain intact.
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