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A Review of the the Mary Kay Income Opportunity

Sep 16, 2008
Mary Kay, you see pink cars with her name on the back. You see women with Mary Kay pins on their jackets. You hear women talk about the cosmetics and inviting you to their Mary Kay party. Well, I want to tell you a little about the Mary Kay Income Opportunity from my first hand experience.

First of all, I am a very successful sales rep now for an insurance company, but no longer working with any network marketing companies like Mary Kay. I would like to state how it all started. I had attended a Mary Kay cosmetic facial party to support a friend of mine. The first thing that the sales rep does is tell you what a great opportunity it is to be able to sell Mary Kay. They tell you how fun it is to mingle with all the other ladies and to go into homes to do the facials and makeover parties. In other words, it's all sunshine and lollipops.

Well, I learned that it was not all that they claimed. It was first an investment of over $600.00 then, not sure what it is now. But in order to help you get started, they allow you to make payments out of your earnings, so you may have it paid off within the first year. But in the meantime, you are working hard to pay for your kit.

Then you have to remember that from that point on, every Saturday and a couple of your evenings every week are booked for parties. Then you get to try to sell the products you are showing from your kit. You don't get to sell the products that are part of your kit; those are just for your parties for them to use.

Well, you are working hard and your supervisor tells you about this great cruise coming up and how much fun it will be for you to join her and the rest of the successful women who are part of the Mary Kay elite. And how easy it will be for you to get there and earn this chance. What they are NOT saying is, "would you hurry up and sell more, I have a big bonus riding on you and the rest of you little sales people".

Network marketing is not easy, and the key to this type of program, especially in Mary Kay, is for you to see the glory and all the riches you will achieve. They paint a picture for you that are perfect and beautiful. They raise your expectations that are almost impossible to reach. And it seems the harder you try, the harder you fall. They tell you that you need to be positive and you can do it. You try and then feel like a bigger failure than you felt before.

These products can be sold, but they, the company, are not telling you everything. These products do not "sell themselves". When you fail in this one, you will find the next one that gives you the "pie in the sky" promise and you think, "That last one was so hard, but this one is going to be much easier". And then you fail again and again.

Before you go into another network marketing plan, like Mary Kay, learn what is keeping you from success. Find out what it is you need to know before you take on another "work from home" business.
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