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Participation Is The Key For Team Building Success

Sep 16, 2008
Team building is an important part of a way a company works. It boosts enthusiasm and inter-office relations as well as forming a bond between the owners, directors, managers and general workers. It is a chance for a level playing field to be established and for everyone to get to know each other in a way that just isn't possible in the office.

Many team building exercises revolve around an activity that promotes communication and cooperation. Themed days such as those based on TV programmes like It's A Knockout require teams to be formed and encourages a different kind of competition between colleagues. This has the benefit of encouraging people to work together and that kind of team work can be bought back to the office and applied to a working scenario.

Other exercises are of a less rigorous nature, but still based on a TV theme. Game shows such as Family Fortunes and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire form a template for this type of team building activity, and is able to cater for large bookings from one company, or even have several companies at a time taking part. This not only enhances office relations, but serves as a platform for meeting potential business associates or clients in an unbiased atmosphere.

Not all activities need to have a competitive element. Sometimes just a themed event where everyone dresses up is enough to encourage barriers to drop, and bonds to be formed. One popular yet understated way of encouraging positive relations between workers is a corporate day out, such as a day at Newmarket Races or The Oval Cricket Ground. Sporting events are not to everyone's tastes, but the fine dining, champagne and thrill of dressing up makes up for most that do not like the sporting activity.

The key is in doing something a little unusual. Employees need to be sprung with something that they think is exciting, and a rare opportunity. The novelty factor of most team building events are based on the fact that they are activities that an individual person would not normally do. Despite the reputation of the British weather, summer is an ideal time to hold a team building event, as there are a range of outdoor activities that can be combined to suit all tastes, talents and mobility. Having a feast al fresco is a heart warming and bonding experience. Surround this with outdoor activities and the opportunity for employees to bring family along, and rather than a fear filled corporate picnic to look forward too, it is more like a workers fete.

There are the options of hiring a company to organise it all for you, or find a venue and make all the arrangements yourself. Depending on what you hope to achieve, it is often better to hire an experienced organisation to make the arrangements and to keep an eye on the day's events so that everyone can relax. The most popular vents are treasure hunts and archery. There is also quite a big demand for dirt days out - for example tank and off road rally driving. Paintball is another favourite for a big group of people. The deciding factor really is the abilities and desires of all involved. The best way to kick start a proper team building exercise is to be part of the team and encourage everyone to participate from the beginning.
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