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Marketing Your Network Marketing Business

Sep 16, 2008
As a professional marketer (and a network marketer), I find the old school prospecting and recruitment methods for network marketing highly unprofessional, and it seems that they leave most people cold. The excitement at the opportunity of growing your very own business fades as you realise that you have to pick up the phone to cold call, or worse, to phone your friends and family to tell them about this amazing opportunity (where you have to hassle all of your friends).

Network marketing is a great business model with some fantastic products, and some truly great people in it (which includes you!). If you haven't managed to grow your business how you would like; if you're wondering how on earth you're ever going to recruit more than 1 person every other month, then let me tell you, you're not alone. And it's not your fault.

The thing is, this is a professional business, with a sound method of distribution. So why not use sound and professional methods to grow your business - that is - with proper marketing?

Marketing your network marketing business will give a whole new meaning to your business. Marketing, done properly, means that you can find the customers that already want to buy your product or use your service. And marketing means that you can attract the right kind of business prospects to you, without you having to chase them down. No more having to go to business opportunity meetings on Wednesday night because you were told that it will grow your business (how exactly?). No more spending a fortune on training every weekend, on every book they tell you to buy, and missing your family in the process.

I'm not saying don't read or go to trainings by the way, just that these alone won't build your business for you. Marketing will.

So what is marketing exactly?

Let's look at the official definition (bear with me on this!), and that is:

"The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably."
(courtesy of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK)

Let's pull it apart and see how it applies to you in your network marketing business.

"The management process" - marketing is one part, and an ongoing part, of running your business. It will, and should, affect everything that you do, from how you dress to how you answer the phone, to how you communicate with your customers and prospects. And everything in between - and so much more.

"Identifying [customer requirements]" - do you know what your customers and prospects are looking for? Do you know what they want? If not you need to find out. If you *think* you do, you definitely need to find out (from them!).

"Anticipating [customer requirements]" - how well do you know your customers and prospects? Do you know what they are likely to want in the future? What are the outside forces at work that are going to affect your customers' and prospects' decision making? What new trends can you see happening in your industry? What are the industry pundits saying.? Can you draw anything from that?

"Satisfying customer requirements" - are you giving your customers and prospects what *they* want? This is a point that is strangely often overlooked.
Business owners (yep, that includes you) get too hung up on telling people what THEY think is good. Nope. Concentrate on what your customers and prospects want and tell them that instead.

"Profitably" - yes, you are allowed to make some money. It's OK, honest! You're in business. Even charities carry out marketing to make money (otherwise how do they support their particular concerns?). If you're uncomfortable about making a profit, I'd recommend you get out of your business now and go get a job. If you want to make money to pay the mortgage, put food on the table, put clothes on your back...or to enjoy a millionaire lifestyle, then you need to be making a profit.

Understanding what marketing is and how it can affect your business will put you head and shoulders above the majority of people in this industry. It will give you a professional edge, you will lose your desperation at wanting somebody (anybody) to talk to about your network marketing opportunity, the phone will return to its normal weight, and you will be able to relax. No other type of business prospects like network marketing does. There's probably a reason for that.

So study marketing. Learn how to do it. And apply marketing to your network marketing business. You might just be surprised at your results!
About the Author
Kim O'Rourke is a professional marketer who specialises in coaching marketing to those who would like a successful network marketing business. You can find lots of information on marketing your network marketing business by visiting my website at http://www.marketing-your-network-marketing-business.com
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