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The Basics Of Using Google Adwords

Sep 16, 2008
Are you one of the people who've heard all of the hype about Google Adwords and you still don't know exactly what they are? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people are still yet to take advantage of the marketing phenomenon that is Google Adwords. It's not too late to get involved and make them work for you.

What is Google Adwords? Also known as pay-per-click advertising, Adwords is a revolutionary form of marketing that drives traffic to your website. If you've ever used Google (and who hasn't?) then you've seen Adwords. Whenever you do a search, the results that come up on the side of the page are advertisements. Business owners have set it up that their ad comes up on the side.

So why is Google Adwords better than traditional forms of marketing? It's customizable to your budget and needs. The traffic is highly targeted. You pick which keywords that your ad will display for. When someone types that word into Google, your ad will appear. This eliminates people who don't want what you have to offer. You also only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that they must take action to get to your site, also indicating that they are potential customers. You can also change your daily budget so that it won't go over a certain level. You can start out with $5 per day or $100,000 per day. It truly is a marketing program for everyone.

What can you use Adwords for? There are many different successful applications. Regardless of whether you sell books, cameras, puzzles, or anything, Adwords can get you the traffic that you need. The best part is that it is highly targeted traffic. Let's compare it to a traditional form of marketing. Say that you paid someone to put up a billboard for your company. You pay them a monthly fee regardless of what happens. 50,000 people per day might drive by and never call you or anything. On the other hand, if you do the same thing with Adwords, you wouldn't pay a dime. If no one clicks on your ad, you're not responsible for any costs. Then when someone does click on your ad, they're usually curious about buying. This will benefit you with a high conversion rate and more money in your pocket.

If you've got a website or a product, one of the first things you should do is get a Google Adwords account. It's free to set up and only takes a few minutes of your time. The time that you invest will be paid back to you tenfold. Imagine driving hundreds or thousands of highly targeted visitors to your product's webpage every single day. Don't you think that at least a few of them are going to want what you have to offer? If they don't, you might want to try a new product.
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