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How to Find Cheap Internet Web Hosting, Design and Marketing

Sep 17, 2008
So you're trying to find a reliable source for cheap internet services. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, cheap design or cheap internet marketing - this article is for you. I want to outline steps to take in order to research these products and obtain the best solution for your business!

With so many companies out there offering cheap internet services, it is growing increasingly hard to know whether you are purchasing from a quality source. However, there is good news out there for all internet service consumers!

When searching for cheap internet design services, you have to look no further than a site such as Elance or Scriptlance. Both of these web sites are going to over high quality freelance design work at great prices. How these sites work are simple. You post a project and watch the bids come in for your project. You will receive several different bid amounts and requests from many vendors wanting your business, and then you can research all offers and vendors before making a decision. This is great for quality control because you can view past transaction information and vendor reviews to simplify the process!

When looking around for cheap web hosting, there are some great resources online to find good reviews. For some reason there are thousands of hosting review sites and many of them seem to be owned by businesses themselves, so what I would recommend doing is going in to a forum such as Web Hosting Talk and reading actual reviews from live people that are not influenced by the prejudice of the dollar!

Lastly, finding cheap internet marketing. This is a touchy subject because it totally depends on what you are looking for and how large your budget is. There is a great do it yourself article at 01 Search Rankings available that can help you improve your cheap internet rankings on your own. If you have a budget for search engine optimization, internet advertising and marketing a few more resources that would greatly help you out would have to be Elance and Scriptlance like mentioned above (when searching for search optimization internet marketing).

Another great method if you don't mind paying for each click is to create your own pay per click marketing campaign with sites such as google and yahoo by searching for google adwords or yahoo marketing. To create your own marketing campaign you must do some research as to what key words you want to rank high under. The more broad the term, the higher you will most likely pay for the click. If you actually use tools to research more broad terms you can save a lot of money. A great tool is the google adwords keyword tool! This will give you the ability to enter a broad phrase and it will return a large number of results of similar and more specific search terms.
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