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A Review of the Matol Botanical International Ltd. Income Opportunity

Sep 17, 2008
Matol Botanical International Ltd. was officially launched in October of 1984, by Matol's cofounder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, J. F. Robert Bolduc.

This company falls into the health and wellness industry. The organization was created, allowing individuals to participate in the undertaking to impact world health. They invite everyone to experience this goal with them.

Matol Botanical International Ltd. has a flagship product called, Km Health Tonic. This product oxygenates the blood, balances the body's acidic level, eliminates toxins, and improves the body's natural ability to absorb the nutrients from foods, by meeting the body's potassium requirements. This affords the body's ability to respond with revitalized levels of renewed force, energy and well being.

Km Health Tonic is a forceful phytonutrient tonic that was developed by Karl Jurak in 1922. This is the complete, uncompromised original formula. Km supports performance and youthfulness and also helps eliminate toxins and free radicals, which the body absorbs.

The ingredients of Km are as follows. Botanicals, Angelica root, Sarsaparilla root, Alfalfa herb, Dandelion root, Gentian root, Saw Palmetto berry, Horehound herb, Licorice root, Thyme herb, Passion flower, Celery seed, Chamomile herb and Cascara Sagrada.

Another product Matol Botanical International Ltd. brings to us is Viva 24B Probiotics. This is an innovative supplement for intestinal balance and immune system reinforcement.

Matol's Viva 24B is formulated by the world leader in Probiotic research and development, by trained scientists, to guarantee a superior and safe formulation that works. This formulation of active cells represents the best potency available to the public that addresses the intestinal tract.

Viva 24B Probiotics restores and maintains healthy intestinal flora, offers enhancement to the immune system, helps aid in vaginal infections, controls diarrhea, constipation and high cholesterol and much more.

Matol also offer other health and wellness products for body protection, weight science and resistance.

This company carries a complete line of health and wellness products for every concern. For their complete line of products, you can visit the company's website.

Matol Botanical International Ltd. has a health and nutritional staff that oversees the production of their products, before anything is offered to the public. Everything Matol offers is of pharmacy grade regulation, before leaving the factory.

Matol Botanical International Ltd. wants to afford all independent business owners and individuals their business opportunity, called Matol Botanical 10Plus Compensation Plan, which offers financial freedom, dreams, opportunity and success.

Matol's 10Plus compensation plan includes retail and wholesale profit, retail volume bonus, the direct customer program, the preferred customer program and royalty override bonuses.

This company has a very detailed presentation about the business opportunity that is offered in a "Powerpoint" presentation. In order to view this, you must have a Powerpoint viewer, or you can download one from the company website.

The compensation plan levels and entitlements include Distributor, Active Distributor, Supervisor, Bronze Key Supervisor and Silver Key Supervisor. There are several ways within Matol's compensation structure to reach and achieve a very lucrative income, within the plan.

For a detailed breakdown of Matol's Botanical 10Plus structure of their compensation plan, you must go to the company website and download their PDF file, for the complete rundown of this unique business opportunity for the independent distributor.
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