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A Review of Network Marketer Matt Dillon

Sep 17, 2008
Matt Dillon, the fictional TV marshal, not the actor, is someone who is invoked to represent toughness and ferocity, so it is not surprising that he has been used to describe the efficient 45s marketing strategy. Matt Dillon was a character who got results in the western, Gunsmoke, and it is clear that his reputation continues to call to mind something of the wild nature of internet marketing (keeping in mind these are two different Matt Dillon's).

There is a lot of material linking the good Marshal Matt Dillon with the 45s method of multi-level marketing, but does it live up to the hype? As Matt Dillon was called upon to solve crime and keep his town clean, lets take a look at what this method has to offer.

The first thing that 45s does is promote constant motion. A constant and steady stream of action tends to lead to a point where momentum will build up and things will be easy. The 45s system promises that with time, your skills will improve and because of this, your business will go up.

The general knowledge of this states that when you dial 45 numbers, only15 calls will be complete calls where you are able to make sure that your whole pitch is heard and that nothing is left out. This takes into account the fact that some people are in a position to leave their voice mail or answering machine on and avoid you completely.

With those 15 calls, you'll find that only about a third of them, five people or so, are interested in hearing more. It is certainly possible to get more, but this is a raw average. Essentially, what this is meant to do is to give you a baseline to work with. At the end of the day, something like 45 calls will get you one bite, if you are lucky. While Matt Dillon lived in a western, he definitely knows what it was like to be in a hard situation, and that is what the 45s is meant to remind you of.

I've personally been involved with recruiting for a long time and I can tell you this. If you have a proven system, no matter how hard it is, and you work the numbers, you will have no other choice than to become successful yourself. Now I know this might seem like an MLM pitch in and of itself, but I assure you it's not. Basically everything in MLM is sorted out and predicted by the numbers. If you can reach good numbers of people you will become successful, no doubt about it.

Essentially, the 45s states that this is a system that can be used to your advantage. The problem with this is that there is a real lack of information on this opportunity, both in terms of people who have called up about it and in terms of things like success rates and testimonials. In all honesty, this opportunity is definitely not one for beginners, and even experienced ones should be careful, but is backed by a Networker with an impeccably good reputation. Remember, Matt Dillon always was!
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