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A Review of the Max International Income Opportunity

Sep 17, 2008
Max International, or Max GXL, is a dietary supplement that comes in pill form. The supplement is designed to boost your body's level of intercellular Glutithione (a protein that is naturally made in the human body and acts as an antioxidant and antitoxin). The company also boasts that this product can help with liver support.

A twenty eight day supply of the product will cost the regular customer eighty five dollars, US. A preferred customer only has to pay sixty six dollars US. These must be amazing supplement pills.

Max International is also very ready to recruit new Max Partners and Associates. The company promises that as a representative for them you will have an expanded income, own your own business that comes with a low start up cost, be given tax advantages, have better health and never have to mess around with credit applications. This is also a work from home opportunity, so it affords representatives the ability to make their own hours.

The basic way to make money with Max International is to buy the product at wholesale prices (sixty six dollars per twenty eight day supply) and then sell it at the retail rate. You will get to keep the profit you make from the mark up. Another way to earn money is to enroll people in the preferred customer program. You will earn a twenty five percent commission off of every purchase made by every preferred customer that you enroll. You are also encouraged to create a down line of Associates. Unfortunately the down line has a binary or "two team" structure.

The binary down line is not as great as it sounds. Basically a binary down line is a down line that is divided up into two teams. Your commission comes from an average of everything sold by both teams. This would not be a bad thing if every associate you enroll turns out to be a good seller. However, if only some are good sellers, your commission will suffer. A lot. Here is an example of the way the binary down line works. Let's say your first team sells one hundred dollars worth of product and your second team fails to sell any product at all. Your commission then would be based upon fifty dollars in sales.

To get started as an Associate for Max International, you will be required to buy the forty nine dollar start up kit and commit to meeting a minimum requirement during each calendar month which is standard for all new reps.

If you are a good salesperson then this is a good opportunity. Max International is very up front about how their pay scales are structured and how often their associates get paid. Everything you need to know is right there on the website. Any company that is so forth coming with its information is, well, we can't promise legitimacy, but we are more likely to trust it than a company that would keep its pay scales a secret.
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