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Self-Assessment: Who Do You Want To Be?

Aug 17, 2007
Self-assessment is a process of evaluating oneself. It is the best way to identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement, to prevent you making a mistake in deciding your career choice. It helps you to get an insight into your interests, and the kind of job you are inclined towards. Without self-assessment, these inclinations are not always apparent. It enables us to understand what we actually enjoy doing and what are we good at.
People generally tend to consider the availability of lucrative job opportunities, failing to evaluate their areas of interest before opting for a particular field of work. This approach usually has a deleterious impact on the job seekers, because the much sought after job, with lucrative pay, may not be what they have an aptitude for. Being stuck in a job that does not interest them results in dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and could even hamper the prospects of a change in career. Therefore, it is very important to understand the importance of self-evaluation because no one can understand your mindset better than you.

Be Patient

The process of self-assessment is not a quick fix. It demands a lot of patience on the part of job seekers. The career you choose to be in is a long-term decision, and therefore it should not be taken hastily. Sometimes it takes almost a whole year to understand and get acquainted with the nature of the job you want to do. Many people take a job just to meet their primary monetary needs, and to save enough money for future requirements, only to discover later what they really have an aptitude and personality for. You should not feel let down or disheartened if jobs that interest you are not immediately available. You should keep a positive attitude.
Significant Tips
It is important to keep the following considerations in mind before making a career decision:
a) You must understand the various opportunities and limitations of taking up a particular job. It is important to feel enthusiastic about the career you are involved in because it will keep you keen about it, and thus elevate the standard of your work. The decision in making a career choice is usually stimulated by the power, salary, position, respect, authority, creativity and a sense of job satisfaction that one gets in the job.

b) You need to make a list of various skills that you possess, or would be required to have, in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to you. A skill is an ability that is either learnt or is inherent, which helps in executing a particular job in an efficient manner. This includes a variety of skills such as the knowledge of operating different machines, or being proficient in many foreign languages.

c) Reading books and articles about careers that you are interested in certainly helps in assessing your inclinations. It helps you to eliminate some career options that once seemed interesting. You could even discover the reasons why particular career options would not be appropriate for you. One should even be a part of informational interviews and use the meetings to explore various job opportunities.

d) Internship in the career that you seem interested in helps in solidifying a plan of action, as well as developing specific areas of interest, while making a career choice. It could even help you to develop significant contacts that might help you later in life.
Self-assessment certainly enables job seekers to figure out their professional vocation, before they decide upon taking a particular job. It is a significant process of exploring career options in a logical manner
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