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A Review of the MetaboGold International Income Opportunity

Sep 17, 2008
If you are interested in becoming a MetaboGold International distributor then there are a few things you should understand about being a distributor and the requirements involved. You can be extremely successful and make an unlimited amount of income by becoming a distributor.

The process of becoming a distributor begins with you filling out an application. You should be 18 years of age and MetaboGold has the right to reject anyone from becoming a distributor. It is important to understand that becoming a distributor does not mean that you are an employee, agent, or representative of the company. You should never represent yourself as either of these titles also.

The amount of money that you can make being MetaboGold International is entirely up to you. This is because you will set your own hours and you will also determine the methods that you choose to sell the product. Your selling methods must adhere to the policies set forth by the company and be approved. You will be responsible for your own debt, expenses, and liabilities associated with your company selling MetaboGold. Your position is entirely self-employment and you must claim all taxes, earnings, and expenses on your own when you file your taxes.

As a distributor of MetaboGold International you may not make any claims about the products that you are selling other than what is stated on the brochures, the product labels, and the corporate website for MetaboGold. The products have not been approved by the FDA and as a distributor you may not say that the products are approved.

Although you are not considered an employee for the company, MetaboGold International does have the right to terminate your distributorship any time. This might happen if the company feels a distributor has violated any of the set forth policies for distributors. If the distributor misrepresents themselves or the company, this may result in immediate termination as a distributor also. If a distributor decides that they want to quit or terminate their job as a distributor, refunds are not given for products that have not been sold.

If a distributor is aware of any misuse of the product other than what the product is stated as it is supposed to be used then they must report the misuse immediately. A distributor must not sell the product or represent the products for any type of use of the other than what the product label says it is for. Medical advice should never be given to any person buying the product.

It is expected of all distributors of MetaboGold International that they represent the company in the most professional manner possible. A distributor for the company must agree to work with other distributors to be the most successful that they can be. Conduct must be ethical and all information about the company should not be shared with anyone.

Becoming a distributor for the MetaboGold International means that you are starting your own new business because you believe in the MetaboGold products. You are in charge of your own business and you should take it as seriously as possible. You have the opportunity to become your own boss selling a fantastic product.
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