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Surviving Office Noise Pollution

Sep 17, 2008
For those people working in an office on a day to day basis, it is a crucial fact to state that the office environment is a very important aspect of everyday life. If there is a good ore around the office then it will benefit you. You will work harder, succeed easier and come home feeling relaxed. Alternatively if you are working in a bad environment, it could be totally the opposite, with you being in a terrible mood all day.

A survey has revealed that one of the most upsetting aspects in the workplace is the levels of noise pollution. Noisy co workers are very irritating most of the time; it is extremely hard to concentrate on tasks in hand, when noisy co workers are polluting the room. There are various techniques and implementations to use when trying to survive the daily routine. You can ask the person or persons to lower there voices, but this usually sparks them off further. You try to be nice to your colleagues but they seem to be causing you endless stress.

Often people in offices are struck by tight deadlines and even the slightest distraction, can cause a project to come crashing down. A few things you may be able to do, to eliminate the problems, are try to find a quiet corner if there is one. This is not always feasible especially in a tight knit office. As an alternative you may want to use a headset and play calming tunes into your ears, its much better to hear a soothing tune rather then some ramblings of a colleague. But saying this, some work places do not allow IPods and headsets, so you may well have to turn to the solution of ear plugs that will filter out the noise.

A lot of people do not realise that they are affecting your working patterns, if you do get a culprit you should politely state the facts to them. Do not be scared or afraid as you may well be backed up by other colleagues, who are also getting fed up with the constant interruptions.

As a last resort if things do not improve, I would have a polite chat with the manager and bring the pollution to his or hers attention. But this should only be performed as a final alternative as it may end up causing more friction in the office environment.
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