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A Review of Network Marketer Mike Dillard

Sep 17, 2008
Who is Mike Dillard? He is the author of the book "Magnetic Sponsoring". This book is for the prospective network marketer to learn how to become a "magnetic" sponsor. It's a book to guide you in helping you to find the best way to do things and to do it your way. The book is under a lot of controversy, one reason it is only 40 pages of content.

Mike Dillard teaches network marketing and sponsoring strategies. He has a very unique approach to business, he teaches you to be the "hunted" instead of the "hunter". He teaches Internet marketing techniques , called "Attraction Marketing".

Mike Dillard is a man that has his own prospecting company. His company provides a way for an Internet marketer to get traffic and prospects for their website. He offers lead capture pages that obtain the prospects information, follow-ups to a prospects email, traffic and signup statistics by the day and the month.

They provide Contact Management with notes, calendars, appointments and reminders. They offer "Tellafriend" invitations and tracking them for you. They provide product presentations and services.

They refer these features as the "second phase" in effective Internet marketing. It is basically automated prospecting to help a business to succeed. They sell a software that provides the "first phase" as well as the "second phase" that works 24 hours a day.

His first month of his business, he recruited 35 reps personally and grew his organization to over 500 within months. His volume in sales averaged over $500,000 that year. That's a pretty spectacular achievement by anyones standards. And in addition to this Mike has his own products he sells to tens of thousands of customers.

You're a-typical multi-level-marketing company obtains new distributors by promoting themselves and their product first to their families, then they go on to their friends and so on. It boggles the mind how a company or even downline group can grow so quickly. But then, this is a prospect marketing company. I guess Mike did what he claims his company can do for anyone.

The way the company seems to work is by the market it targets. There are funded proposals, where the prospects are actually paid to be prospected. They are then drawing out more commitment from prospects and using the Internet to market them and to follow up.

These methods can bring in tons of money in sales in only a few days. Mike Dillard is working toward making this the new wave of MLM, it is the "Internet Based MLM".

Mike has a newsletter that goes out to prospects and in it he guarantees that in 10 days, he can turn you into a MLM leader and cash generating wiz. If you are a marketer in any type of business, you know that it takes leads to generate prospects. And to do that, you have to advertise or buy the leads yourself. But that is hard to do if you have a tight budget. This is where this information on how to do this and keep your business running smoothly.
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