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A Simple Video Blogging Start Up Guide

Sep 17, 2008
Text blogging has served many e-commerce companies very well. Text blogging has opened up a new client base, offered a chance for the company to do some valuable self promotion, and of course, has been a fun way to enhance the e-business community. However, the video is now trying to get in on its share of the action. Video blogging offers the same benefits of text blogging with a lot more pizzazz and a little more bang. Many companies are now starting video blogs that can either be clicked on directly or may be shown as part of their home page for the accidental tourist web surfer.

Video blogging is bound to increase in popularity. There are fewer limitations in video blogging than text offers. For instance, if you wanted to attract a specific age group, you might come out with a silly blog backed by some popular music or you might back your video blog with some light classical to attract another age group. Your video blog will allow you to create messages that are directly specified to your target audience.

Video blogging allows you to show off a product line, a pay out scale, or any other aspect of your business with a little more creative expression. Text does not allow the user to hear vocal tone, expression, or hear any of the audio cues that can signal sarcasm, gently humor, or even anger or disappointment.

Think of video blogging the same way you would think about doing a specific television commercial for your intended audience. However, not only are you doing it for less, you are able to use a wider base to reach more people and there are fewer restrictions... although I wouldn't recommend being offensive. What video blogging allows you to do is take more risks (humor, visually, etc) than you could ever even consider when using just text blogging.

Your product or products often end up being almost secondary. If you can offer your audience a well thought out and creative approach, many people will order on the spot based on the rapport you are able to develop just with a single video blog. And best of all, with a few pieces of specialized equipment you can do it yourself in your own home without having to shell out rentals for space and equipment.

If you are going to produce your own video blog, pay attention to the lighting you have available. Natural light enhanced through some strong spot lighting often works best. Using a high quality web cam prevents distortion and quality sound equipment (sound is optional) will prevent feedback.

You will need some video editing software to help clean up your production. Again, since you can do this yourself, you are saving a fortune on what would otherwise be professional services for editing, writing, and filming. This very simple procedure requires nothing more than the ability to think creatively, good equipment, and the ability to read the directions that come with all pieces of equipment or software.

Not everyone is into video blogging, and that's ok. Targeting your demographic is vital to creating a successful video blogging experience. Once you know who, how, when, and where, the why pretty much becomes an incidentally answered question. Motivate people and you will make more sales. Entertain people, and your sales will also increase. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and encourage people to be a better race your sales will fly through the roof.

When creating a video blog, don't be afraid to take a few chances. However, if you have any question in your mind that you might accidentally offend someone, start from scratch. Sometimes what starts off as a little side joke turns into someone's political persecution. Stay far away from any type of ethnic, sexual, or remedial jokes and improves.

Change your video blog regularly. Once your people have seen it once they are going to start pining for something different. Keep your clientele well entertained and your sales will reflect your efforts. If you have numerous demographics to reach, you might want to rotate which demographic you are reaching. Chronically changing your video blog will also help to keep your general audience entertained. A person can only watch a rerun so many times before they know the ending by heart.
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