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Keyword Research - Top 6 Keyword Research Questions Answered

Sep 17, 2008
Keyword research is a vital part of building a profitable website. It brings traffic and with traffic comes sales and profit. Learn how to do profitable keyword research and you will quickly learn how to make more money online.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases you can target in your website. These are generally words or phrases that are related to your topic, that people looking for your site would use to find you.

What is a good keyword?

A good keyword is a word or phrase that people are actually searching for. The second element of a good keyword is that the word itself is not too competitive.

If you rank for keywords with no one searching on them, you still don't get traffic. If you choose keywords that are so competitive, even if they have a lot of searches, you still won't get traffic, because you won't be able to make it to the top of the search engines for people to find you.

Why do I need good keywords?

Doing good keyword research, and finding good kewyords is important because you will get organic (free) traffic from those keywords.

Choosing profitable keywords is important because it assures you will make money with your website. You can certainly pay for traffic, but using good keywords will get your long term, ongoing, free traffic.

How do keywords get me traffic?

When someone is searching for information online they generally go to a search engine. They put a word or phrase in the search engine that will help them find what they are looking for.

When the results come up for their search if your site comes up on the first page chances are they may click on your site. Your chances increase the higher on page 1 you are.

The more keywords with high search volume, or the more long tail keywords that your site shows up for the more traffic you will get.

How do I start the keyword research process?

First step first, think about what your site offers. Your keywords must be relevant to your content. Once you have figured out some main areas of focus for your site you can begin looking for relevant keywords.

How do I find good keywords?

There are many tools available that will help you to find profitable keywords. Whatever tool you choose you want to make sure they provide information about how many people are searching for that term. You also want to be able to find out how much competition your keyword has. Google now offers search volume numbers on the Adwords Tool. You can use it for free. You can also estimate how much money each keyword will make through adsense using the Google Adwords Tool.

Finding profitable keywords should be the cornerstone of any online business. No matter what kind of business you are running you need traffic, you need eyes on your page. Finding the best keywords for your site will get you that traffic. Then you can start working on converting the traffic to sales.
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