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Download Kazaa Light - Is Kazaa Light Better Than the Original Kazaa?

Sep 17, 2008
If you've been using Kazaa as your primary p2p client and you are tired of having to go through duplicated files or randomly finding yourself infected by malwares or adwares, then you should probably look into finding a site where you can download Kazaa Light. Although not a product of Sharman Networks--the original publisher of Kazaa--Light nevertheless still connects to the similar network, which lets you access the many files of the users who are either using Kazaa or Kazaa Light. This also brings you more media files to choose from.

Kazaa Light (sometimes spelled as Kazaa Lite) is an alternative to the original Kazaa, with some very significant differences. One is that the interface is simpler and less cluttered, leaving you to enjoy searching for your favorite media without being concerned over the specifications of the files you're searching. Also, there are no ads on the Kazaa Light interface, making loading of the client quicker so you can start your search and downloads easily. Moreover, aside from the client and other important tools that lets you connect to the network, there are no other hidden files being installed in your computer, which gives you more space on your harddrive. This also does not slow your computer down, freeing you to still do some handwork while Kazaa Light does all the downloading at the background.

Like Kazaa, Kazaa Light can be downloaded for free. There are no memberships for downloading the installer, although some of the sites may ask for donation. Either way, you can still grab the installer for Kazaa Light without any problems. Simply install it to your harddrive and you'll be connected to the network in no time. Downloading files like Mp3s or videos is easier without having to go through all the random messegaes that suddenly pop up. With Kazaa Light, you'll also have lesser chances of being targeted by a Trojan or a Worm, unlike other commonly used p2p clients available. Kazaa Light has been trusted by many users over the years, and it still continues to be one of the top used client all over the world, with the number of users growing everyday.

Be aware, however, that while Kazaa Light is connected to Kazaa's network, Kazaa itself does not approve of this and believe this is infringing on the copyright of their product. The previous years have seen some attempts to shut down the Kazaa Light project, but the loyalty of its users and the good reputation that Kazaa Light has gained over the years for providing quality service to their users has people still offering Kazaa Light for download on their websites.

There are now other clients that serve users with the same ideals of Kazaa Light. P2P programs such as K++ and K Lite Resurrection, among others, have been some of the top downloads all over the Internet, created in the spirit of Kazaa Light. These can be found through simple searching on top search engines, such as Google or Yahoo.

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