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4 Common Digital Signage Mistakes

Sep 17, 2008
Deploying a digital signage network can a challenging task that requires attention to marketing, psychology and logistics. Many businesses and organizations have invested in the technology only to fail in implementing their networks successfully. Because the displays and software represent a significant investment, such failure is difficult to justify. Usually, implementation fails as a result of mistakes that can be avoided easily if they're identified early. In this article, we'll describe 4 mistakes that are commonly made when deploying digital signage.

Mistake #1: Not Having An Objective

It's easy to get excited about the opportunity that digital signage presents. You can place your advertising in front of your audience in creative ways that motivate them to participate. You can deliver marketing messages that are based upon gender, age and other demographics that become clear as your customers interact with your displays. In truth, the flexibility you have with your digital signage network is staggering. However, without a goal, it's impossible to develop reasonable expectations.

Identify the objective of your network. Should it increase sales of a particular product line? Should it direct a certain level of traffic to a predetermined area? You need to plan your objective in order to track the effectiveness of your displays.

Mistake #2: No Compelling Content

While bombarding customers with ads used to work well, it's no longer effective. Your audience doesn't want to endure a barrage of marketing. Digital signage is a perfect platform for delivering relevant content that engages your audience. For example, a grocery store can use digital signs to broadcast 5-minute cooking segments in the produce area. Your network can even be used to display news items throughout the day, grabbing your customers' attention and compelling them to stay (even during short advertising snippets).

Mistake #3: Lack Of Budget

Often, organizations make the mistake of not allocating a budget for their digital signage network. Or, they allocate so little that the effectiveness of their network is hampered. When you invest in digital signs, you should have the budget to support the purchase of robust software, sleek displays and controllers that offer plenty of flexibility. Inexpensive tools can prevent you from delivering compelling messages to your customers. What's more, cheap tools may inhibit your ability to track the effectiveness of your advertising and content.

Mistake #4: Not Planning Installation

If you neglect to plan the installation of your network, you may run into space limitations, glare from the sun (when the displays are placed near windows) and other problems. Lack of planning in this area also reflects the absence of an objective (Mistake #1) in the organization. After all, the placement of the displays (especially in large facilities) can play an important role in targeting your audience properly.

Planning Ahead For Success

The mistakes that most businesses make when deploying their digital signage network can be avoided. Identify the objective of your displays early. That way, you can create expectations that are easy to track and measure. Next, plan a content delivery scheme that broadcasts compelling non-marketing messages. Doing so will keep your audience engaged and make them more receptive to your advertising. Also, allocate a sufficient budget to invest in a robust system that allows flexibility in programming and execution. Finally, plan every detail of the installation process in advance. Use the tips in this article to avoid making costly mistakes that can impact the effectiveness of your network.
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