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Produce Massive Leads with Incentives

Sep 17, 2008
To run a successful business, you need customers. The billion dollar question is how to go about getting them. For many companies, the answer is found in promotional incentive strategies.

Promotional incentives are all about finding the tipping point with your potential customers. How much do you have to provide to get them to do what you desire? Consider these real world applications.

People should want to vote, but a majority do not. To change this, the musician Sheryl Crow is using a classic version of the hanging carrot strategy. She is giving away free music to her fans if they register to vote.

The free music download carrot is brilliant. Think about it. Crow is getting positive publicity, enticing people to register to vote and is potentially introducing new people to her music. That is a triple benefit promotion.

Casinos have one goal. They want to get you in the door. Promotional incentives are the key. They use loss leaders in the form of cheap food, cheap rooms, free drinks and such because they know they will make it back at the tables.

When it comes to a lack of subtlety, the bluntest promotional strategy is found in infomercials. They used to be on only late at night, but now they are on throughout the day. Heck, they even have their own channels in some cases.

Nobody can resist a great deal. Infomercials are designed to prey upon this fact. They pile promotional item upon promotional item until you cannot resist because it is such a great deal. How many times have you almost picked up the phone?

So, what can we take from all of these approaches? The answer is very simple. The strategy works. This is proven by the simple fact that you see the strategy used over and over and over.

You can also apply this strategy to practically any business including your own. The key is to first identify what action you want the prospects to take. Be specific. Do you want them to call, sign up for a newsletter or what?

Picking your incentive is also a key. Try to pick something that blends with your business niche. If you do tours, give them a Nomad Travel Journal customized with your business name and logo.

When it comes to promotional incentives, the more creative you can be, the better. Define your goal and continually tweak your approach to get the best possible result. Promotional incentives have always worked and your business will be no different.
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Thomas Gibson is with NomadJournals.com - makers of customized outdoors and travel writing journals that make great promotional products for business small and large alike.
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