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Checklist To Follow Before Launching A Newly Created WordPress Site

Dec 7, 2016
Are you ready to present to the world your new WordPress site? That's great but don't let the enthusiasm take control before you have everything in check. Having said this, is your site SEO optimized in the best way possible so that it can deliver maximum results? If you are not sure about this or if you want to make sure you haven't left anything out, the following checklist will help you verify all the SEO techniques that should have been used for your WordPress website development.

1. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Both tools are extremely helpful for any website design and development, as Google Analytics helps you with checking out on the site's traffic, while Google Webmaster will help you by improving the site's visibility and give you details about its performance.

2. URLs with canonical tags

By using canonical tags in your URLs, you practically help your site to rank better in search engines. Search engines prefer web pages that are canonicalized, choosing to crawl on such pages. So, if you want to have as many pages are possible crawled, do have this tip in mind.

3. Titles on pages, plus keywords and content

It is futile to say that your pages need unique and attractive titles. Still, make sure they don't exceed 50 or 65 characters. Also, concerning search engine optimization, a page should not contain more than 10 keywords, for the best results. And don't forget about unique and useful content, highly preferred by Google or you can simply hire software developers for all these purposes.

4. Meta keywords and descriptions

The Meta descriptions are a must, as they help search engines understand what the web page is all about. They should have less than 156 characters for excellent responses. If you have a hard time with these descriptions, you can always hire WordPress developers.

5. Header Tags- H1, H2, H3, H4 tags

These tags are very important as they will help search engines provide relevant results to people that look for information. Thus, they are an essential part in WordPress website development, as they help increase visibility.

6. Page URLs - Permalink Structure Settings

Permalinks are the ones that appear in search engine inquiries, as search engines are looking for relevant words in them. So, don't forget to optimize these permalinks are well so that search engines see your link as the best match in case of people looking for the information you have.

7. Optimizing the image

Not only should the content be optimized, because well-optimized images on the site will also increase the ranking. So make sure you use the most appropriate content to optimize your images as well.

8. The loading speed of the page

It should not be necessary to mention just how important the loading speed of the pages is for ranking. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will exit your site without waiting any longer. So use a speed increasing tool for your pages, to make them load at a decent speed.

9. Internal linking

It is known that linking other relevant content to your website helps in obtaining a better rank. There are free plugins that allow you to come up with links that will generate the best answers from search engines.

10. Set WordPress Plugins

Finally, set up the necessary WordPress plugins, which will help you in security matters, increase efficient in SEO optimization, solve problems with backup files, and more. Just try not to overdo it and add too many plugins, as they may slow the site down.
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