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Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being Your Own Boss

Aug 17, 2007
If your tired of the office politics, fed up with your incompetent boss or just fed up with the rat race. Then like many other people in your position you have probably thought about throwing it all away and going into business for yourself.

The most obvious and easiest to realize your dream of starting your own business is to start a home based business. After all the advantages are that there is minimal startup costs and the least complicated option to take. So if you have wanted to start a home based business then here are some handy tips to help you realize your dream.

1. Know what you are getting yourself into. Try and find other people who have made the same decision as you to start their own business. You will be amazed at how your journey is so much like others who have gone before you and you can possibly learn from their experience. Read books on starting a business so that you can be fully aware of what you are getting yourself in for. The reality is that starting a business can be a hugely rewarding experience but it isn't going to be smooth sailing all the way and the more you know what you are getting yourself into the better prepared you are going to be.

2. Work out your startup costs. Before you get too excited and quit your day job to follow your dream you want to work out how much your dream is going to cost to get it off the ground. While some business ideas cost less than others to get going you want to make sure that you have sufficient finances in place to give your business the best chance to succeed. One of the most common causes of business failures is insufficient funding. A great guide when working out your expenses and startup costs for at least the first six months is double your expected expenses and halve your projected sales/income.

3. Be professional in your approach. Just because your business is situated in your home doesn't mean you should be un professional in your approach. You need to still approach it as a business. This means setting aside an area of your home which you can designate as your work area so that you can differentiate your work place and your family space. If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room that you can convert into an office so much the better, if you don't then set aside an area which you can separate with some dividers so that when you are in that space your family and you can know that it is time to work.

4. Join a professional association. You can get a feeling of being isolated now that you are at home working on your business. A great way to keep yourself motivated and interacting with other people in the same boat as you is joining a professional organization. There are many around and many in your area. There are home business associations, professional organizations and other functions that you can attend.
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