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How Hosting Provider Affect Your SEO Efforts

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Jan 5, 2017
As Google's algorithm is constantly evolving, it can be very nerve-racking to determining which factors is important regarding your search engine optimization efforts. Some facets are obvious and customary such as links, keywords and reputation. These are not the only factors that can influence SEO.

There are many other factors that are deemed important. One of the first decisions you make when starting a website is choosing a hosting provider which is often made too hurriedly without truly understanding the impact of it.

Affect of hosting provider on your SEO

Your selection of the host does not directly boost your ranking and move you to the first page or directly attract more traffic to your site. Nevertheless, a poor choice of host can have an unfavorable effect. Choosing your web host wisely can provide you an edge on the competition.

Many new website owners are choosing a hosting provider for the reason that they are cheap. They don't take into consideration the probable impacts it can have on their marketing. You can choose your web host wisely by understanding the role of hosting in SEO, and take its advantage.
How does it impact your SEO ranking?

Server Location

Server location has actually been a metric in Google's ranking algorithm for a long time. Google relies heavily on location information even in the local searches. Formerly they used only the top level domain to determine a site's location, but in recent times they have started relying heavily on the IP address as it is delivering more accurate outcomes. It is good news for the people who are making the search, but it can tremendously affect your business if your server is in a different locality.

Thus, it becomes more important for you to know the location of your target audience as well as your server location. So therefore prefer a hosting provider that has servers in the same countryside as the bulk of your audience.
Server Security

Website security is tremendously important for your Google rankings as well as safety and experience of your users. An unsecure website will harm your ranking and reputation in numerous ways. The sites that are being attacked or are hosting malware are being penalized by Google. Once visitors find out your security flaws, it will extremely harm your traffic and reputation that will result in a decrease in the ranking.

To protect your website you can do everything that you can in person, although your host plays an important role in the website security as well. Their role is most imperative when you are relying on a shared hosting service heavily. When some of the websites on the same server has poor security, then hackers got the opportunity to infect several sites on the same server.

Moving on to a dedicated server is the only solution to combat this problem. But, you need to discover what security measures they are taking for protecting their servers.

Server Performance

Server performance is the final factor that needs to be considered which include the server speed & its downtime. Generally the overall performance of the server can influence the user's experience, which Google seize very critically.

Google often penalizes sites that have slow loading speeds and suffer downtime. A good number of hosting providers have an elevated percentage of uptime. It is exceptional to find a host that has less than 99 % uptime, but that 1 % can make a huge difference.

To improve the loading speed of your site, you can make use of a lot of design choices, but still your web host can slow you down to a point that will harm your SEO efforts. A shared server is more probable to harm your speed than a dedicated one. Although a dedicated server can cost you more money, but it is a great deal for business in the long run.

There are many high-quality hosts out there over the internet. Finding a host with quality performance, right location, & the one that seriously takes security should not be complicated. Just make sure before making a decision you do proper research and review of each hosting provider.
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Manmohan Kumar is a highly skilled professional in online marketing. He is the founder and CEO of MK TechSoft. He shares his productive knowledge based on his experience and real time implementation on web hosting.

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