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The Pros and Cons of Being a Security Guard

Jan 8, 2017
Security guards in Scottsdale have a wide range of experiences that might results in humorous stories or lead to more serious consequences. If you've been considering a position as a security guard, take a look at some of the most likely pros and cons. This article could help you determine whether a career in security is appropriate for you.

Pro: Jobs Are Readily Available

The last several years have seen a rise in the number of security jobs available. These positions are found in airports, parking lots, museums and many other places. You might find that there's a position with benefits and perks that appeal to you right within your own community.

Pro: Advancement Is Convenient

Many people accept job positions only to discover that there's no room for advancement. Being stuck in one pay grade can be frustrating, but security guards in Scottsdale probably won't have to worry about this situation. There are many higher paying jobs in protective services. If you're interested, you could apply for positions as armed guards, bouncers or as security personnel with private companies that pay more comfortably.

Pro: The Job Is Fulfilling

Many security guards have a great sense of pride as they protect people and communities. Whether you're watching over the cars of guests at as casino or standing at the front doors of a bank, you'll be providing civilians with a sense of safety. Many security guards also have customer service responsibilities, in addition to their security duties. This part of the job can be very enjoyable.

Pro: Financial Growth

While many of the available positions begin with entry-level wages, there's a lot of potential for improvement. You may not be interested in getting jobs as armored truck drivers or serving for private companies, but the chance to earn more money as you progress is one that many people appreciate.

Con: There's Some Potential for Danger

Some security guards have found that the position has put their lives in danger. If you aren't comfortable facing situations where your life could be at risk, you may want to give some second thoughts to applying. Most of the time, these jobs are fulfilling and benign, but the potential for trouble is there.

Con: Writing Reports

A lot of people apply for jobs as security guards because they want to avoid a job that ties them to a desk. However, reports are a daily task for security personnel and take substantial amounts of time. Security guards are required to track anything that seems suspicious and keep detailed logs. These reports might be used to clarify incidents that have taken place and could potentially be used in legal cases.

Con: Lots of Walking

Some security personnel find that they don't like to walk as much as the job requires. If you plan to apply for one of these positions, you'll want to be sure that you are prepared to be on your feet. Purchase comfortable shoes and any additional support you might need.

Security guards in Scottsdale experience a lot of pros and cons. Be sure that this job is a good fit before applying.
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