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How ASP.NET Benefits your Business?

Arpita Singh Content Writer
Jan 9, 2017
During the early days of internet when the web pages were largely static, their content required manual updating. Hence, a dire need was felt by the enterprises to build dynamic websites that can be updated automatically. To fulfill this requirement, Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) was designed and delivered to the market.

And since its launch, ASP.NET has reigned the web development market allowing the web development companies to create dynamic web apps in order to link employees, business and customers all together. ASP was designed with the idea to help businesses in creating a strong network and better monitoring. In addition, this development platform is highly secure, which is one of the top concerns of the developers.

With Microsoft.NET Framework, developers can create advanced apps, which in turn, add great value to the distributed environment across the World Wide Web. Also, the applications created in this framework have very less bugs.
Thus, it can be said that ASP.NET has captured the web development industry greatly, and is now among the most preferred dynamic website development technologies featuring rich web pages and web-centric applications.

Below are discussed the various benefits of using ASP.NET for your company:

Fast Web Applications
There are two main things that make ASP.NET fast - Caching and Compiled code. Earlier, the web page code were interpreted into 'machine language' which was difficult for the visitor to understand, But with ASP.NET, now the code gets complied into "machine language" even before a visitor views your web page. Further, for the faster access of the information, the caching in ASP.NET stores all the data or information to be used again in future. Also, in ASP.NET, the caching of the data is done from a database; hence, your website always runs faster even after frequent visits to the database.

Stability and Reliability:
For businesses, it is important to have zero downtime. Even a small issue can sometimes lead to severe losses which can impact their brand reputation. It is for this reason that why a website needs to have reliability and stability. In such a case, ASP.NET technology is a great boon for the businesses. It makes any website strong enough to resist malicious attacks and attempts by hackers by increasing its resistance level. Therefore, for businesses that use ASP.NET to build their website, security of their website will always be ensured.

Recovery from Crash and Memory Leaks
Another benefit of this platform is that it automatically fixes errors and memory leaks, which helps the businesses to ensure that their website never generates any error message to your website visitors. This also ensures that your website is available to them as and when they need.

Supporting many languages:
ASP.Net allows developers to write their code in more than twenty-five .NET languages including C#, Jscript.NET and VB.NET. This further provides the developers the convenience of using the language they are expert in. This helps developers to build or customize their website based on the business requirements.

Integration with Information Systems and Other Apps
Microsoft .NET framework consists of various embedded technologies that help website design and development companies to facilitate the integration of other apps and information systems such as XML, WCF, JSON, service web, remoting, and so on. Since, the .NET platform allows using multiple solutions; this ensures flawless performance, scalability, and security of the website.
In addition, regardless of the size or type of your website and even your business, ASP.NET is capable of offering you all the features you require for the development of your business website, that too at reasonable costs.

To conclude, ASP.NET development platform has evolved as the de-facto standard for developing dynamic websites and rich web-based applications on a worldly basis. The robust framework of ASP.NET has thus greatly helped businesses to offer their customers a strong online and reliable web presence.
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