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Five Common Challenges Faced by Website Development Companies

argalon technologies
Jan 11, 2017
The field of website development is growing at a much faster rate and all the companies who are involved in it, have to keep pace with the emerging and growing web development industry. The clients demand fast and user-friendly websites that can help them to increase the ROI. Developing a customized web application or a website involves many challenges like design, theme, navigation, use of technology are all crucial things to decide. The website development company in New York, USA must face and overcome the challenges involved as the state is having a quiet competitive atmosphere.
Here are the five common challenges involved in developing a website:
1. User Experience: It is the most important challenge that has to overcome by the website development companies. In the 21st century, people do not only browse on desktops, but also on mobiles, tablets, and all other kind of devices. So, the website to be developed must be responsive. It is also the main factor to rank on search engines as they prefer to provide their users with the responsive relevant websites. Also, the navigation of the website is very important. It also makes your web application user-friendly with proper navigation of pages and users prefer to browse your website rather than competitors.
2. Platform or Technology to use: The second most important challenge is to decide which technology to make use of, to give the best performance. It is crucial to decide the one which is best suited according to the client's requirement as there is large no. of platforms available in the industry to work with. The long list of platforms includes PHP, JavaScript, Joomla, Wordpress, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and much more. Many of them are free, flexible and fast which makes the coding easy.
3. Content: The third most important aspect of website development. As the latest trends say, "Content is the king". Your website must have a unique content in order to get the attention from your audience and search engines. Your website's content must be unique and relevant.
4. Speed: Speed also plays an important role in defining a website's performance. If the loading speed of your website is fast, then the users don't get irritated by waiting for a website to open. It also attracts the users to come to your website more than once.
5. Security: It is the most important aspect of website development as there are many hackers available to destroy your hard work. There are many things to consider while we talk about website security such as denial of service attacks, the safety of user data, database malfunctioning, unauthorized access to restricted parts of the website, and more.
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