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Mobile App Development :Things to Avoid While Developing App

Mobiloitte Technologies
Jan 11, 2017
It is uncertain to predict, what will be next great mobile app? In the past year, the mobile apps revolutionized the social networking platform, instant messenger, healthcare sector and shopping portal. It will be interesting to witness the changes taking place in the mobile app development. Nowadays, from ticketing to travel package, hotel booking to map, and etc., the strong adhere to mobile app cannot be ignored.

Well, regardless of business type, the focus while app planning must be such that it attract more consumers or increase the exposure of your web service, because mobile apps are on a hot streak, The major problem involved with app creation process is, right approach. Hence, it is mandatory to avail help and advice from renowned Mobile app development company India, to follow a focused approach from the beginning itself.

In this article, we will focus on the three basic mistakes that must be avoided if you are planning to develop your own mobile app. Lets have a deep insight:

One Platform at a Time:

Emphasizing over one platform at one time makes a huge difference. As we know, Google Play and App store are highly competitive, comprising approx over a million apps competing for market share on both the platforms.
Hence, companies who look for the development of Android apps along with development of iOS apps are making a great mistake. Firstly, this will double your development costs and on the other hand it will distract your focus on building one platform. It's always better to finalize an app on iOS or android before porting, having couple of options. For instance; Instagram moved to Android version, indeed a wise move as it had over 30 million users already on iOS.

Intrusive Ads are a Turn-Off:

Although, app ads are an ideal way for monetization of your app, exclusively in case of free app download. But, those video ads or the image ads loaded with graphics are greatly mistaken and impact the app's usability. This creates interrupted experience and constant annoyance.
Hence, it is advised to have proper testing in order to make sure the appearance of the advertisement is customized as per the design and layout of the app and users do not need to compromise experience.

Misconception about Mobile apps:

Many people mistake mobile website over Mobile apps; well, Mobile apps are quite different from their web counterparts, and that's why they are important. It offers the advantages of mobility, more responsive controls, easy access to the device's hardware, and customizations scope. Therefore, it is necessary to have both, as both holds different functions.
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