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Your List Pays Your Salary. How Much Do You Want To Earn?

Aug 17, 2007
Your prospects are on your list because you once impressed them enough to get the nod into their inbox. Now that they're there, you need to keep them reading so they don't forget you. Never is it more important to keep their attention than with the first six or seven emails you send. You want to be sure they're good, you want to be sure they're quick and you want to be sure they're consistent. You've made a good first impression, but you're not going to make a sale unless they're still engaged after, on average, 7 to 10 emails.

Whatever method you use to carry your prospects' interest through the first seven emails, there are some basic ground rules that should be followed for you to enhance their loyalty to you, and keep them reading. Remember, just because they don't unsubscribe doesn't mean your emails aren't going unread. If you follow these rules you'll increase your readability:

1. Write as if you're talking only to one person. Use the firstname field if your autoresponder allows (it should) and make your emails read like you talk. Don't overuse the first name though or you'll do more harm than good. Use it only as much as you would use someone's name in conversation. Make your mails chatty, humorous if you can, and make them sound like you're just having a one-to-one conversation. If you write like you're talking to an audience you're not engaging the reader and they'll switch off.

2. Show empathy to your prospects. If possible, illustrate how you recognize what position they're in while you show them what you can do to improve it. If you only show them what you can teach them without showing them why they need it, you will lose interest. This is a classic sales tactic. Its about showing your prospects you care about them (as you should) and want to help them individually with the service you're offering. Before you send something out, read what you've written and ask yourself, if you were them, would you really like to hear what you're saying?

3. Check all your links work before you send any emails. This may sound obvious, but its scary how many times I've been sold to with an email that builds my interest only to dash it again because I can't get through to the webpage its promoting. All your hard work will be ruined if your prospects can't follow your links. Check them, check them and check them again. You'll not make a sale without them.

4. Above all, be honest. Whatever you want from your prospects, and whatever you think they want from you, write from the heart. Don't say something works if it doesn't, or that a service is good just so you get paid. Speak from the heart and let them know that you are giving your true feelings. There will be times when products you recommend don't perform as well as expected, but at least if they know you're honest in general, they'll have more time for you if they trust your judgment than if they think you only recommended it to earn a quick buck.

5. Reply to queries fast, efficiently and always show concern. Simple as that.

These are the rules I've followed while building The Freedom List. I make good money, receive good testimonials and I'm sure a lot of it is to do with following these rules.

Something to remember when building a web business is that the value of the business relates directly to the size of your list and the relationship you have with them. Whatever your online business, and however clever it is technically, its your list that determines its real value.

Build on your relationship with your list and you will build your profit.

I wish you luck with your list building.
About the Author
Tim Brocklehurst is a master list-builder. He has fast become a noted expert in list-building and is renowned for being able to apply his techniques for success in any niche. For more information, see the 15 second free video at http://www.listlever.com
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