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How To Make Your First Ever Info Product

Aug 17, 2007
Information product marketing is one of the easiest businesses to start because of the fact that there are very little overheads, it can be done from your computer at home, it can be practically instant and a number of other factors but the one thing that stops most people from starting their own information product business is simply because they don't know how to create one.

Creating an info product is not the hardest thing in the world and can be done quite fast with a little determination and hard work. This article will tell you the five step system for creating your first ever info product.

1) Find a market. Many people come up with an idea, create the product and then try to find a market for it and that is exactly why they fail because they don't know if there is a market for their product or not. You can find a market in many ways such as through blogs, articles, magazines, newspapers, forums and so on. Find a problem that you think you can solve and go with it.

2) Ask your market what they want. This can be done easily through forums and surveys, all you really need to do is ask your market what sort of things they would like to know more about, what problems they would like to be solved, what they would like to have for their benefit and so on. A simple survey will do this for you, find somewhere that you can conduct a survey such as a forum or an email list and conduct one to find out exactly what your market wants.

3) Plan your product. Plan every aspect of your product and make it as easy for yourself as possible, if you have a plan then you will find it much easier to write. You should plan out things such as the title and subtitle, the introduction, the chapter titles, the chapter contents, the conclusion and any other part of the product that you can. Creating an easy to follow plan will help you create your product much faster.

4) Write your product. This is easy to do as you have a plan and you can just go through it one part at a time. Write at your own pace, do not rush yourself as you want to create a high quality product, go through each part of your product and write it one part at a time, you could even have a break between each chapter. The main points are that you are finding it as easy as possible and you are creating a quality product.

5) Sprucing it up. This is just making it look better and making it more appealing to your prospects. You should have someone read over your info product and ask them for their honest feedback, this way you can get a third party opinion and use it to improve your product. You can just ask a family member or a friend but make sure they are completely honest with you. You could also get some nice graphics and images made up for your product to make it look nicer.

That's it, those are the simple five steps you can use to create your first ever info product. Creating a quality product does not need to be a hard and frustrating task, all you need is a plan, some determination and some writing skill.

Get started today and create your very own information product.
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